Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) Doing Big Things in CBD

On Wednesday, Anything  Technologies Media (ATM) (OTC:EXMT) announced that their subsidiary Sonoran Flower has harvested 5,000,000 quality grade fe…

On Wednesday, Anything  Technologies Media (ATM) (OTC:EXMT) announced that their subsidiary Sonoran Flower has harvested 5,000,000 quality grade feminized hemp seeds to be sold. The company plans on retailing and wholesaling these seeds with hopes of averaging about $0.50/seed and generating approximately $2,5000,000 in revenues. Sonoran Flower, which currently runs out of a 12,000 sq. ft. facility, not only harvests seeds, but also has 7 grow rooms and cultivates everything from CBD oils, smokable flower, chewable gummies, topicals such as skin creams, muscle relief creams, pet products, isolates, distillates, biomass, and both cooking and crude oil. Earlier last month, the company’s other subsidiary Amethyst Beverage, who are developing a 6 flavor CBD water line, is close to landing a major contract with a California professional sports team. Not only are both of EXMT’s subsidiaries on the “up and up”, but a true synergy between the two are developing as the company has hopes to use Sonoran’s homegrown CBD in Amethyst’s CBD water recipe. ATM can now be classified as both a “seed to sale” and “seed to shelf” hemp company.


Amethyst Beverage is the newest specialty health beverage, taking water to the next level.  Amethyst, with its specialized formulation, was designed to rehydrate the body up 37 percent faster with the addition of 70 ionic minerals, fulvic acid and a 9.5+ alkaline after bottling. Amethyst Water is certified USDA organic, FDA tested and is available with or without HEMP Extract.  Distributed through a channel of private and public entities, one of which will be a major sports team in California. This agreement could open the door for their CBD beverage line to be sold by other teams throughout the league and even cross over to other sports.

Premium water grew out of fashion during the pandemic as consumers resorted to hoarding the basic necessities.  Premium water is starting to make a comeback and things slowly open up.  Based on the business model it’s conceivable that the water line will outpace the CBD business. The specialty beverage will be available in 7 flavors Orange Mango, Cucumber Mint, Peach, CranRazz, Pineapple Coconut, Strawberry Watermelon and 8.5 PH flavor free.


At the end of last year, ATM acquired Arizona based Sonoran Flower. Rick Wilson, CEO of EXMT, was optimistic for his new acquisition stating, “We have plans to roll out a number of new Hemp products in early 2020. We will be fulfilling orders from our Northern California and Arizona facilities. Together we will be working to expand our manufacturing, distribution, and market presence for all our products”.

Wilson delivered on those promises by launching’s e-commerce website and adding new products to their high quality CBD line. Sonoran uses 98.4% CBD in their products while many of their competitors will use a fraction of the CBD amount and quality in their product line. All is cultivated and manufactured in Sonoran’s state of the art facility.

The Sonoran Flower indoor facility can grow seven to eight crops annually with a growing time of 7.5 weeks.  The operation is run by a core team of experienced cannabis and hemp growers who have been together since its inception 3 years ago.  Careful protocols are followed to prevent any contamination of the genetic strains.  The facility has 7 flower rooms ensuring the integrity of each strain and allows the flexibility to grow up to 5 strains at any given time.  Production averages 400 pounds of seeds every 7.5 weeks in addition to the byproduct of the drying process which is the flower trim that is eventually turned into CBD distillate.


Although COVID-19 shook up most of the small businesses in America, the hemp industry was not immune to the pandemic, but Sonoran Flower kept producing in their 7-grow room facility. As previously mentioned, they were able to harvest 5 million feminized seeds, and as the nation is starting to open again, farmers will be ready to grow again and Sonoran is blessed with quality inventory.

“For the first time in our history we have an opportunity to aggressively expand our business,” said the President of Sonoran Flower, Lee Katterman.  “The uncertainty of the pandemic sidelined many hemp operations that decided to skip this year’s first crop and left us with their inventory of seeds.  Seeds have up to a 3-year shelf life, but our selling point is our diversity of strains and consistent quality.  We test our seeds to ensure they meet our standard of a 95% germination rate. Some of our seeds we have in stock are the coveted CBD-G strain which fetch a premium price of $1.00 or more per seed.  We also work with a genetic botanist that can customize our seeds to meet our customers’ specific needs. We couldn’t be happier with our selection.”


The company has recently brought themselves current by completing their outstanding quarterly financials. This is a sure sign the company is serious about going forward with their business and we can see why. After a 6+ month drought in the press release department, EXMT’s new machine came alive again last month. Their Sonoran Flower division has been quietly producing, assuming their e-commerce site has been generating sales, and their Amethyst Beverage CBD water line is looking to take off as they are negotiating with a professional sports team in California. In early June the company made a pivot from their 52-week low of .0002 and was accumulated over the month, appreciating 600% and peaking at .0012. An early July period of profit taking was quickly erased and the share price hovered steadily at the .0009-.001 range for nearly a month. Last week’s dip followed by this week’s recovery, mirrors that of July’s, but this recovery may be much stronger as the company’s subsidiaries are ready to produce revenues. This is a new era for Anything  Technologies Media and the company feels that the future is very bright for the short and long term of the company and feels these acquisitions will increase shareholder value dramatically.


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Anything Technologies Media (OTC:EXMT) Doing Big Things in CBD
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