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Breaking Down Tautachrome Inc (OTCMKTS:TTCM)’s 2017 Plan

Tautachrome Inc (OTCMKTS:TTCM) just put out a letter to shareholders outlining its goals for 2017, and the company is running up on the release. The assumption is that shareholders are confident that the company can make good on its targets for the year. If it can, there’s more than the 20% it just gained on offer for the coming quarters. Here’s what the letter said, and what it means for Tautachrome.

It kicks off by saying 2016 was an amazing year for the company. Chances are shareholders won’t swallow the word choice – Tautachrome finished up 2016 a couple of points down on its 2016 open, and was a real roller coaster of a ride along the way. In September, the company was practically worthless, priced at lows of $0.002 a share. It gained a bit of strength throughout the start of the final quarter, then lost a good portion of it, then rallied into 2017. Current PPS is circa $0.02, around 900% up on September lows. You could argue then, that Tautachrome had an amazing final quarter, but that’s about it.

Anyway, back to the letter. The company moved from pinks to QB, which is a step in the right direction, and one that management sees as the first step towards a NASDAQ listing. From here, that’s a big ask, but a look at the company’s technology suggests it may not be an impossibility.

The technology in question, and the next topic of the letter, is called KlickZie. It’s essentially a way for users of mobile devices to watermark (but invisibly) their images, videos and other media as it leaves their devices and heads towards another device, the cloud, that sort of thing. The technology is pretty neat, there’s a clear and definable need for something like it, and to quote directly form the letter:

“Tautachrome is the only company in the world with patent claims dedicated to allowing billions of people around the world –all the users of smartphones — to make pictures and videos, as a normal course of their picture making, that, with evidence-grade reliably, can be authenticated and trusted by any third party anywhere else in the world.”

The problem is, the patents – as yet – don’t belong to the company. They’ve just recently been allowed by the USPTO, but not issued. The key patent, the patent that relates to the core authentication, is expected to issue within what the company refers to as the next few weeks. If this proves correct, there’s a double digit percentage point upside, if not more, on just that announcement. For KlickZie to be the only technology that can automatically authenticate media files as they exit mobile devices is huge, and something that we can see many device makers incorporating into their core software/OSs.

The next part of the letter alludes to exactly that. The company has, reportedly, been in discussions throughout the later half of 2016 with a Fortune 50 company, concerning the implementation of the KlickZie technology into its products. As CEO Dr. Jon N Leonard says, this would result in a large payoff to Tautachrome, and could dramatically improve the company’s cash position in early 2017.

That’s the 2017 plan, what could go wrong?

The risk is rooted in the patents. If the USPTO fails to issue the core patents, none of the others really matter that much (they are more embellishments of the core than fresh application) and Tautachrome would struggle to dominate the market for this sort of technology if it wasn’t covered by patent exclusivity.

Cash is also an issue. It’s practically nonexistent at September 30, 2016, and so this is going to necessitate some level of raise (and resultant dilution) near term. With that said, an injection from the above mentioned Fortune 50 company could delay this requirement.

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Breaking Down Tautachrome Inc (OTCMKTS:TTCM)’s 2017 Plan


  1. Grand

    February 4, 2017 at 10:53 pm

    Nice research, the Patent Issuance is awaited any day now from me, the Online Patent Site gives the last Status with this: 01-18-2017 Dispatch to FDC (Final Data Capture ) and this:
    01-18-2017 Application Is Considered Ready for Issue

    So to say its just a story of paperwork and the Patent should be issued within a couple days in my opinion.
    Check this Business Presentation, TTCM forecasts fast revenues and expects to have 9B$ revenues in the 4th Year after launching its Klickzie Platform.

    Further would advise you to look on this Video from the Ceo of TTCM/ Tautachrome

    Lastly iam willing to add, The Ceo Dr. Jon N Leonard, made similar things already many times earlier happen, he holds many Patents in his own Name, but also in cooperation with Enormous Organisations, such as Hughes Aircraft Company and its successor Raytheon Company.

    And not to forget that he was the Director of Counter Terrorism Technology @ Raytheon and managed under a 40M$ DARPA program, the MANTIS Soldier Imaging System for the US Army, developed by Sri International fka Stanford Research Institute which is also the Development Partner from TTCM and Klickzie. 2nd Development Partner is

    There is much more to tell about this CO and its high reputable directors and its really unbelievable that this Co does not trade at Nasdaq yet, but hoping soon enough.

    To my Person, Strong Supporter and Free Shareholder, but no affiliation with TTCM it self!

  2. Grand

    February 9, 2017 at 12:39 am

    Patent update, as of today, the US Patent Site updated the last status with this: 02-08-2017 Issue Notification Mailed, the PO gives the Issue Date of the patent with this: Issue Dt: 02/28/2017 and this: 02-28-2017 Patent Issue Date Used in PTA Calculation. So to say, the Patent is with this Points above secured, the Issue Notification is mailed and will be listed in the Patent Gazette on Tuesday the 28th February as Grant.

    Can be checked with the link and Numbers below: PCT Number : 20140049653

  3. Grand

    February 9, 2017 at 5:57 pm

    The Patent Issue Notification is in the Link Below, Patent number will be: 9582843, Issue date will be 02.28.2017, 19 days left for the Gazette listing. Seems TTCM has this Patent fully secured, CO has a couple more Patents Pending, which should be examined from the Patent Officers at some point.

  4. Grand

    February 16, 2017 at 11:54 am

    Some top headlines from TTCM yesterday issued news, First is that TTCM started the 2nd round of its presentation to key decision makers by the Fort 50 CO.

    Seems TTCM wants to be at Nasdaq asap, it was said ” quickly” Further it was said, that TTCM made together with Investment Bank and venture firm, a proposal, to acquire a 20-30M$ Revenue company.

    Below the facts and the links from the News.

    In response to requests from F50-1, we have progressed in this work and have developed a cohesive and dynamic business model for F50-1 that exploits KlickZie technology in ways that impact the bottom line of the Fortune 50 company and their public image in powerful ways,” said Dr. Jon Leonard, CEO. “We will present the KlickZie business model to key decision makers in upcoming meetings.”

    “It is clear to us that the economic payoff of KlickZie is very high for companies with a global reach and with a large numbers of consumer customers, and is particularly so when the product interactions with their customers is intense. We have also learned that the business model we have developed for F50-1 works well for other major firms. We intend to move our business model to these other companies as soon as possible,” Dr. Leonard said.

    “With this news release we are also informing our investors that owing to the significant value that KlickZie technology can bring to classes of high tech companies of all types, we have been approached by a venture company, coupled with a well-regarded investment banking company, with a proposal to make bank funded acquisitions of highly profitable private tech companions in the 20 to 30 million-dollar revenue range, with the goal of greatly accelerating the up-listing of Tautachrome to the NASDAQ. Done properly, this could be good for all parties: The revenues pay the banks, the deals pay the investment bank, and NASDAQ pays everybody else,” Dr. Leonard said.

    Eric McRae, Tautachrome Business Operations Manager, stated: “Up-listing to the NASDAQ quickly will be yet another key milestone for Tautachrome. An acquisitions strategy could put KlickZie in a position to fund its own technology rollout and diversification in house, without recourse to additional large investors.”–OTCQB–TTCM–Updates-its-Progress-with-Fortune-50-Company?id=151211&b=y

  5. Grand

    February 28, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    Patent is issued and listed in the Patent Gazette, search with the Patent Number 9582843 here:

    US 9,582,843 B2

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