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Canna-V-Cell Sciences

Canna-V-Cell Sciences Inc (CNSX: CNVC) Skyrocketing On Biofarming Technology Cannabis Prospects

Canna-V-Cell Sciences Inc (CNSX: CNVC) stock has taken off on the company achieving significant milestones as it seeks to produce cannabis active ingredients without growing the plant. While utilizing Biofarming technology, the company has been able to multiply cannabis cell tissues on solid media.

Canna-V-Cell Sciences Price Analysis

Investors have reacted to the developments pushing the stock up the charts. Canna-V-Cell Sciences is already up by more than 40% for the year as it continues to trade in a steep uptrend.  A rally past the CA$0.17 resistance level has paved the way for the stock to keep edging higher in continuation of the emerging bull trend.

CNVCF Daily Chart

A spike to the CA$0.20 mark could attract some pullbacks on investors taking profits following the gigantic spike. A pullback from current highs will have to contend with support at the CA$0.17 mark, where the stock commenced the current leg high.

Above the CA$0.17 mark, Canna-V-Cell Sciences is likely to continue climbing the ladder as a breakout play. Conversely, a breach of the CA$0.17 mark on sell-offs could result in the stock edging lower as part of an emerging downtrend.

What Does Canna-V-Cell Sciences Do?

Canna-V-Cell Sciences is a cannabis-focused company that produces and distributes cannabis products for medical and recreational purposes. Headquartered in Vancouver, the company is an exclusive licensee of the proprietary and patent protected Bio Harvest technology. The technology in question is the first and only industrial-scale plant cell, growth technology, capable of producing active plant ingredients without the necessity to grow the plant itself.

Biofarming technology Milestone

Shares of Canna-V-Cell Sciences are skyrocketing on the company achieving significant progress on the production of cannabis active ingredients with the Biofarming technology. With technology, the company is planning to show how it is possible to come up with vital cannabis ingredients without growing the plant.

The fact that the same can be done while maintaining composition consistency at less cost and no toxic fungi underscores the technology’s prospect in the multi-billion cannabis sector. The company’s research and development team have been able to screen multiple cannabis plants while combining technology.

“The different callus colors are important indicators for the next stage of the cannabis cells development using the Biofarming unique technology. we are excited about reaching this phase slightly ahead of schedule, demonstrating the team capabilities and instilling further confidence in the success of the program,” said Dr. Yochi Hagay the CTO of CannaVcell.

Cannabis Sector Prospects

Canna-V-Cell Sciences is planning to revolutionize the multi-billion cannabis sector with the Biofarming technology developed over ten years ago by Bio Harvest. With the help of technology, the company is planning to become an industrial supplier of active cannabis ingredients after perfection all the way to commercial level production.

The technology stands out in part because it produces active ingredients in large-scale bioreactors. The technology also stands out in part because it requires a fraction of the conventional farming land and can be implemented anywhere.

Canna-V-Cell Sciences intends to implement technology in the cannabis sector by 2020. The company also intends to establish industrial large-scale facilities for the production of cannabis active ingredients.  There are also plans to adopt a B2B approach and the supply of active cannabis ingredients that can be packaged by customers in different forms.

In addition to finding great use in the cannabis sector, the Biofarming technology would also be of great value in various fruits and plants where extracts are needed.

Canna-V-Cell Sciences has since secured authorization from the health ministry of Israel to conduct research and development with cannabis plants.

“This is a major milestone in the adaptation of the cell growth technology to Cannabis. Our ability to conduct our lab activities directly with the plant allows us to accelerate the program and validate the Biofarming technology with Cannabis,” said Dr. Yochi Hagay the CTO of CannaVcell. Dr. Saki Rakia.

Bottom Line

Canna-V-Cell Sciences is flying higher as investors take note of how the company is moving with speed to generate value from its Biofarming technology. The technology has the potential to be a key driver of the bottom line given the growing demand for cannabis active ingredients.

That said, market sentiments should continue to edge higher as the Company moves to generate cannabis active ingredients.

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Canna-V-Cell Sciences Inc (CNSX: CNVC) Skyrocketing On Biofarming Technology Cannabis Prospects
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