Covesting Hits 50 Percent Of Pre ICO Goal In 3 Days

Covesting Hits 50 Percent Of Pre ICO Goal In 3 Days

Covesting is one of the more talked about ICO these days, not only because they hit 50 percent of their goal in just 3 days, but also because this project could be one of the biggest market disrupters in years.

So you are hearing that everyone is flocking to Cryptocurrency trading, and the ICO market, everyone wants in, Profits are massive, people are making hundreds of thousand in weeks.

But with the new market and all of the possibilities of profits comes huge risk.

Along with all the amazing projects that will disrupt technologies, comes the usual illegitimate trades, scams, and pump and dumps.

So how do I find the right trades to make the most profit, and also protect myself?

Covesting could possible be the answer.

Now in the equities market most people use a managed account, meaning they don’t make their own decisions.

They rely on a manager and they pay that manager a fee, and a percentage of the profits.

Covesting is taking this idea to the Cryptocurrency world. They are building a community where investors can view what successful traders are doing and mirror their strategy.

Here is how it works.

You set up a account at Covesting, and pay a immediate 2 percent commission, or set up fee. You then have access to what some of the best traders in the network are doing.

You select what trader you would like to mirror, and your funds are then traded using that strategy. You can even put portions of your funds in one strategy, and more in others.

When trades are profitable, the client keeps 72 percent, the strategist receives a 18 percent success fee, and Covesting receives 10 percent.

The platform is perfect, managers are highly motivated by a large 18 percent fee to produce great trades.. You can learn more about the strategy here

You can check out recent news about Covesting here

Image courtesy of Eric Gravengaard via Flickr

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Covesting Hits 50 Percent Of Pre ICO Goal In 3 Days
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