LANDSTAR Inc/SH (OTCMKTS:LDSR) Flying High On Growing GDPR Opportunity
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LANDSTAR Inc/SH (OTCMKTS:LDSR) Flying High On Growing GDPR Opportunity

LANDSTAR Inc/SH (OTCMKTS:LDSR) growth potential is becoming increasingly clear, ever since it embarked on a rebranding drive in the effort of expanding its product line and capabilities. If the stock’s performance in the recent past is anything to go by, then its clear Investors have taken note of the company’s growth prospects in the cyber security space.

The stock has been on an impressive since the start of the year, rallying by more than 200% to record highs of $0.027. Taking into consideration the strength of the upward momentum, it is becoming clear it could break out after a recent pullback.

LDSR Daily Chart

After pulling back to the $0.01 handle, DATA443 Risk Mitigation has bounced back in what appears to be a continuation of the long-term uptrend. The stock should be able to make a push for the $0.027 mark on buyers who had missed out on the initial run joining the rally. On the downside, immediate support is seen at the $0.01 handle, below which the stock could tank to a 52-week low.

Taking into consideration the growing investor interest in the company, it is becoming clear the stock can only continue to power high.

DATA443 Risk Mitigation Overview

Formerly LandStar Inc., DATA443 Risk Mitigation is a technology company focused on cybersecurity solutions, The Company acquires and develops products and services central to ensuring safe storage of data.

The company focuses on identifying whitespace in the security services of its competitors with the intention of addressing those gaps using acquired and in-house technologies. DATA443 Risk Mitigation also acquires and develops blockchain products and data privacy compliance products.

EU Expansion Drive

DATA443 Risk Mitigation has teamed with Caretower as it looks to further expand its footprint in the European Union. The two firms plan to work together in marketing and client education as part of a reseller sales agreement.

Having worked together in the past DATA443 Risk Mitigation believes the cybersecurity integrator and service provider will help supplement and accelerate its sales and services effort in the region.

“We have worked with the team at Caretower for some time now – their capabilities in both sales and services support continue to impress us. Their large and expanding geographical and customer footprint demonstrate their capabilities in this complex and ever-changing market,” stated Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. CEO & President Jason Remillard.

According to Caretower managing director, George Neophytou, Data443’S award-winning ClassiDocs solution is a perfect fit, as it adds significant GDPR and Data Classification capabilities to their products and services capabilities.

ClassiDocs has already won a number of awards for General Data Protection Regulation Compliance. The awards validate the solution’s capabilities when it comes to Data Classification and Data Governance, in line with set out standards by the European Commission.

ClassiDocs is a Data Classification and Governance solution that provides organizations with access to GDPR compliance interface for facilitating queries required to complete P-II based searches across data files and data sets.

GDPR is nearing its implementation in the European Union presenting unique opportunities that Data443 can leverage with its industry-leading ClassiDocs solution.

“We have worked very hard on our GDPR functions – adding capabilities that are grounded in true use cases and deliver immediate value to the client. Our forthcoming GDPREngine technology delivered in a SaaS model delivers GDPR compliance capabilities faster and with much less total cost of ownership for clients,” added Mr. Remillard.

In addition, DATA443 Risk Mitigation has inked yet another deal with N8 Identity as it looks to affirm its industry-leading GDPR solution credentials.

“Data443 delivers an industry leading GDPR solution via its Data Classification & Governance product – ClassiDocs. Leveraging this solution stack with our products in the Cloud Identity & Governance market segment gives us a significant advantage for our major clients,” added N8 Identity CEO & President Jay O’Donnell.

What Next For DATA443 Risk Mitigation

DATA443 Risk Mitigation remains well positioned to enjoy robust growth ahead of the implementation of the GDPR compliance in Europe. The company boasts of a reputable GDPR compliance interface that can give organizations a full view and search capability across the whole data estate.

Considering that GDPR and compliance requirements are rapidly growing for all organizations, it is becoming clear that market opportunities and capabilities in the space are worth pursuing. DATA443 Risk Mitigation should be able to generate significant returns as it moves to meet the needs of organizations looking to comply with EU requirements.

DATA443 Risk Mitigation star can only continue to shine after a successful rebranding drive that has seen it expand its product portfolio in pursuit of growth. Investors have already started to take note of its risk mitigation and data security solutions, as value-generating assets. The share price should spike higher, given the stock’s positive outlook on Wall Street.

Disclosure: We have no position in LDSR and have not been compensated for this article.

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LANDSTAR Inc/SH (OTCMKTS:LDSR) Flying High On Growing GDPR Opportunity
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