Directview Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:DIRV) Bottoms Out As Revenue Generation Opportunities Soar

Directview Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS:DIRV) is enjoying one of its best runs, in months, thanks to a string of positive news and developments that have strengthened its prospects in the video surveillance business. After losing more than 90% in market value over the past one year, the stock is showing signs of bottoming out, backed by solid fundamentals.

A surge in trading volumes in recent weeks has been attributed to many factors, key among them being strengthening of the company’s revenue streams. The company has inked a number of deals in the recent past that have enhanced its outlook among investors.

Renewed investor interest in the stock has seen the stock spike to the $0.04 handle, a critical resistance level above which the stock could climb higher. A close above the $0.06 angle should re-affirm the emerging uptrend and shun fears about further drops.

We believe the company is headed in the right direction, just like in our previous update given recent developments. In our view, the stock should keep on climbing as investors take note of the strides the company has made as it looks to be a key player in the $62 billion video surveillance business.

What Does DirectView Holdings Do

DirectView Holdings is a provider of video surveillance solutions as well as teleconferencing products and services. Through its subsidiaries, the company operates two divisions of Security, Video surveillance and Video conferencing. Its security division offers technologies in surveillance systems for onsite and remote video and audio surveillance.

In the recent past, the company has sought to diversify its revenue streams with an eye on the lucrative and fast-growing cannabis business. The company has already entered the $3.7 billion a year California marijuana industry with tailored security solutions.

Why Is DirectView Holdings Climbing High?

DirectView Holdings has seen its outlook in Wall Street turn positive on signing a master agreement with a $3.7 billion company in the food production space. The deal is for the supply of comprehensive security solutions, made up of surveillance equipment and infrastructure for upcoming production plants and distribution locations.

The client has several production plants operating 24/7, as well as distribution locations that need surveillance systems. The systems are to be used to ensure food safety on production lines and facilities while also assisting in quality control. They are also to enhance employee safety, help in crime prevention and asset protection.

“We continue to find massive opportunities with current and new clients in the surveillance camera and VMS space we serve. Being selected by a world leading company such as this serves as a testament to our accomplishments in 2018, as we quickly become one of the fastest growing companies in the security industry,” said CEO Roger Ralston.

A partnership with a multi-billion company should provide a platform for DirectView Holdings to highlight its state of the art security and surveillance systems to other companies in various sectors. The company is currently experiencing one of the best runs on sales and profits generations thanks to such deals.

In addition, DirectView Holdings has been selected to provide security surveillance equipment and infrastructure, to a leader in the athletic footwear and apparel retails space. The retailer has about 150 locations all of which require system upgrades.

Each location could generate the company between $7,000 and $18,000 in revenue and as much as $70,000 on the installation of systems in corporate offices. The systems that the company will be installing have the ability to track Point of Sales transactions at checkout counters as well as track the number of customers entering the store. They also come with a facial recognition technology for curbing damages and theft.

DirectView Holdings has also been selected to provide security solutions for a new state of the art CBD producing facility in Northern California. The company is tasked with the responsibility of installing a substantial security infrastructure, expected to generate a significant amount of revenue.

Website Redesign

DirectView Holdings is in the process of re-launching its ApexCCTV.com website as it looks to expand its growth potential further. The website has served the company well playing a pivotal role in the generation of more than $10 million in revenues. The new website will come with content-rich pages and up to 100 products

“We strongly believe that an investment in the redesign of the ApexCCTV.com site will enable us to unlock additional growth potential for this important aspect of DirectView’s business. By providing an interactive experience with in-depth product information that is fully SEO optimized, we are confident that we can expand our customer base, attract new product suppliers, grow revenue and build lasting value for our shareholders.,” said Mr. Ralston

What Next for DirectView Holdings

After years of underperformance and concerns about long-term prospects, DirectView Holdings appears to have got its house in order in pursuit of value. The company’s revenue generating streams are growing stronger by the day an indication of the company’s ability to create long-term value.

It goes without saying that as the company’s revenue base grows, so should investor’s sentiments. In return, the stock should continue climbing higher especially after the recent bounce back.

Disclosure: We have previously been compensated a fee of Five thousand USD by a third party, Sandstone Marketing, LLC for a two-day DIRV awareness campaign, which has expired. We have not been compensated for this article and have no position in DIRV.

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Directview Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:DIRV) Bottoms Out As Revenue Generation Opportunities Soar
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