Drone Guarder Inc (OTCMKTS:DRNG)
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Drone Guarder Inc (OTCMKTS:DRNG) Making Big Moves

Today, we need to talk about Drone Guarder Inc (OTCMKTS:DRNG), the company delivering drone enhanced home security systems.

What happened?

The company delivered news about a new agreement with Swellpro Ltd of China, which will be its new drone supplier. It was noted in the press release that the patented design and technology of Swellpro seemed to have seduced DRNG. Additionally, it was mentioned that the new devices meet the product requirements.

We appreciate the news and the market also seemed to do so. The share price increased in December. From close to $0.05, it spiked up to touch the level of $0.15.

But, that’s not all.

The share price spike is not the only interesting thing here. The volume shown in the stock charts was also significant. More than 2 million shares changed hands some days. In our opinion, it clearly shows the market interest in this name, which we appreciate.

Check it out here:

One month stock chart for Drone Guarder Inc OTCMKTS:DRNG

1 month chart for DRNG

Our readers should be remembering our last article about DRNG. We don’t appreciate telling “we told you,” but the fact is that we noted very good features of DRNG. The new apps for Apple Store and Google and the development of life saving Drone Guarder Rescue were the most significant. Have a look if you want to learn more about this company.

Let’s revisit the business objective of DRNG. It provides home security systems that include a drone, infrared camera, and an Android mobile app component. It works in the following way. The system has an alarm, which once triggered makes a DroneGuarder immediately take off from a wireless charging pad. Using GPS to navigate in its preprogrammed areas,the DroneGuarder can fly for up to 20 minutes and return back to its charging pad after completing surveillance.

Recent Developments

On October 3, 2017, the company released that Jorgen Frederiksen had resigned as Chief Operating Officer and member of our Board of Directors.

Did the market react to the new information?

Mr. Frederiksen noted that “there was no known disagreement with the company on any matter relating to the operations, policies, or practices.” Thus, market participants did not move the share price in any direction.

On November 29, 2017, the company announced that it was partnering with Swellpro Ltd. It was said that representatives from DRNG visited Shenzhen China and were “impressed by the quality of the products and in-house design and technical ability.” We believe that the words, which appeared in the press release, made the share price creep up.

Read the following explanation of the new technologies that the company will bring. We believe that the probability of having increase in revenues soon is high. Read the following explanation of the new technologies that the company will bring.

“Swellpro’s Splash Drones are waterproof and can land and take off on water and with their waterproof cameras can stream live video from under water, they are able to operate in high winds and have carbon fiber rotors. These abilities and functions meet the product requirements we are looking for in our products, DG Rescue and DG Intruder. Swellpro’s drone also has the ability to drop small supplies to a victim or survivor of a disaster.” Source

We want to highlight the following views of Adam Taylor, CEO of DG. We believe that they are quite meaningful, specially the last sentence, in which he says that, in their opinion, no technology rivals will exist:

“This tie up is expected to bring us huge advantages of functionality and technology to the DG product set that will enable us to bring the world’s most advanced drone intruder and rescue products to the end user. In our new partnership, we believe that we will have no technology rivals that making us a world leader in drone AI solutions. Source

When will we have more news?

We appreciate DRNG very much, as it usually informs when new information about the business will be released. In our previous article, we noted that something may be released by the company in November and it actually did.

The company put out again new dates. The new DG Rescue System will be released in February 2018 and DG Intruder soon thereafter. Thus, we will need to be alert around this time. New information could make the share price increase.


Currently trading with a market cap of $14 million, DRNG is an exciting story among small caps. We appreciate that the company was able to hold conversations with OTC Markets and the relationship has improved. Now, more market participants have faith in the company.

To sum up, keep a close eye on this name, as the company is growing the business.

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Disclosure: We have no position in DRNG and have not been compensated for this article.

Image courtesy of Thierry Weber via Flickr

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Drone Guarder Inc (OTCMKTS:DRNG) Making Big Moves
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