Elixinol Global Ltd (OTCMKTS:ELLXF) Implementing Its International Strategy

The uses of cannabis and its associated products continue to grow by the day. This has led to an explosive growth being witnessed in the cannabis sector; growth which has dragged on to the cannabis companies operating therein.

Presently, cannabis operators continue to focus on different uses of cannabis, allowing them to focus on diverse market segments and therefore focus on different market niches. Consequently, there has been a lot of differentiation within the sector as companies continue working towards marketing and growing their brand. Using these, cannabis operators are continuously growing their market share across the countries within which they operate.

Finally, the key pillar has been globalization. Firms continue to grow their reach across the globe thereby tapping into new markets and cementing their market share and position in these new countries.

One entity which has successfully been able to implement each of the above is Elixinol Global Ltd (OTCMKTS:ELLXF).

The company has continued to grow its operational capacity both in terms of growing its product line and in internationalization. The result of the above has been that they have continued to enjoy a price increment throughout the period since October, going against the price decline faced by other cannabis players in the industry.

The company thus enjoyed an increase in its valuation, a factor which was pegged to the growth in its fundamentals as well as its general strategy. This led to an over 155% price increment, leading to an eventual price of $2.55 per share, up from their lows in September of $1 per share. The same period also witnessed the number of shares turnover rise from a few hundred thousand shares to over 1.5 million shares.

Readers can review the above price action in the chart below:

ELLXF Daily Chart

With the above price action, it is expected that the value proposition from the company is significant. We, therefore, have opted to have a look at this and establish what exactly has drawn investors to the firm at this high rate.

History of ELLXF

Before going into the intricacies, let us have a look at the history of the firm so as to bring the issues into perspective.

Elixinol Global Limited was founded back in 2017 and headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The firm has since been oriented towards the cannabis sector, specifically in industrial hemp and medical cannabis. It is involved in both the manufacture and distribution of dietary supplements based on industrial hemp as well as skincare products. Furthermore, they also develop medical cannabis.

ELLXF has continued to orient itself to the original strategy of growing its product line and consequently marketing it globally. Further to this, the firm continues to grow its reach across continents, and this, we believe, has been the reason why they continue to grow in terms of valuation and share price.

Developments affecting ELLXF

The firm’s recent developments have been tied to the growth of its brand across the globe. This is, therefore, the said case in the next section.

The New Zealand Launch

In late January, Elixinol announced that they had launched their brand within the New Zealand region. This was to be achieved through the company’s website and only available to the public on a prescription basis.

The above news followed the amendment of the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Act whereby CBD was removed as a B1 class drug and CBD with low THC levels was classified as a prescription medicine. Through this, CBD was thus categorized as a ‘therapeutic substance with little or no psychoactive properties.’ This effective de-scheduled CBD as a controlled substance in New Zealand.

The launch will allow individuals within New Zealand to purchase and therefore import CBD as long as it meets the requirements as set by the regulatory body. The patients can both import up to three months’ supply of cannabis drugs and, if traveling, leave with up to three months’ supply of the drugs as evidenced by their prescription.

Management at ELLXF has welcomed this decision, speaking to it having a lasting effect on the patients in New Zealand as well as assured the residents of high-quality output and delivery. According to ELLXF’s President, Gabriel Ettenson:

“As a company which meets and exceeds quality and import standards in 41 different countries, we welcome the opportunity to serve the people of New Zealand with premium quality CBD,”


Expanding Across Europe

ELLXF has continued on its expansionary strategy and grown its offices across Europe. The firm recently made key hires and opened offices in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Spain.

This is set to ensure that they can tap into the over $130 billion in annual sales which are estimated to made within the continent by 2028. Furthermore, it ties to their strategy of growing across different continents and consequently ensuring their brand is synonymous with high-quality cannabis globally.

The move is also part of the commitment which ELLXF made when raising capital back in September. In sum, the firm’s outlook was pegged to their growth in Europe and Asia (specifically Japan). They are thus on course to meeting these objectives given their action plan and outlook.


ELLXF has been working on its international strategy in a bid to ensure that they achieve increased revenues as well as meet the commitments they had set when raising capital. The key thing, however, is the fact that these investments are well coordinated and meticulously implemented. With this in place, it is quite clear that the share price will keep rising. As a result, we are bullish about the stock.

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Disclosure: We have no position in ELLXF and have not been compensated for this article.

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Elixinol Global Ltd (OTCMKTS:ELLXF) Implementing Its International Strategy
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