Exolover – next generation sex toys and a new age business model

No, there is no mistake in the title! ExoLover, which begins its pre-token sale on May 29, has birthed a new phenomena and it’s looking to develop top of the range pleasure toys to rival the most advanced adult novelty products on the market.

Incorporating wearable technology on to the blockchain through a variety of devices, some you can wear on your fingertips, intended not to disrupt sex as much as other devices currently available. Futuristic design and patent-pending technology make ExoLover products some of the most innovative devices to enter the sex toy industry, bringing with them a new sexual revolution that truly caters to the desires of online pleasure seekers. Other toys will allow users to securely enjoy virtual reality sex or enjoy experiences with individual or multiple users on the Exo platform, making fully indulging in video and other real-life scenarios of sexual stimulus possible.

A simple and understandable solution for monetization, with the potential for unlimited token growth, many people have been astounded when they encounter the  ExoLover value proposition, particularly as the roll-out kicks-off and more and more appearances of ExoLover are brought to the world at conferences and roadshows.

Exolover is developing innovative devices that make it possible to simulate the sexual act as realistically as possible, making the sex life much more diverse and brighter. Many would ask: what does the token distribution have to do with the new business model?

The whole beauty of the situation is that these devices only work when connected to the ExoLover platform via the Internet. And each such connection impacts the tokenomics in the sense that when a connection is made – tokens are burned thus reducing the total supply and raising the value of the tokens but at the same time users get rewarded through the User Reward Fund as the platform uses an algorithm which randomly selects one of the users in every connection and rewards them with 150% of the token value they just used up. This kind of incentivization has really got potential ExoLover users excited.

To shed more light on the business model, let’s first address some of the questions and concerns users may have, for instance:

  1. Why do people buy a sex device, if for each use it is necessary to pay? It seems somehow absurd. But the absurdity ends immediately if you look at examples from other areas. For example, a person buys a new car. But if he does not pour gasoline into it every time, the car will not function. Do not want to pay for gasoline? There are simple and understandable free solutions – for example, you can buy a bicycle or a cart.
  2. Possibly people will buy something else (like they are buying now), but not requiring payment for each connection? Today, that’s exactly what happens. For example, people are willing to pay thousands and tens of thousands for sex robots, but these sex robots sooner or later become boring and redundant.  Exolover also offers its devices not for hefty amounts, but for an average price range of $100. In fact, half of the world’s population can purchase these devices which shows potential for product penetration and market growth. But further, starting only with a payment of $1, a person each time can receive completely new sensations that any other sex toys won’t be able to match.
  3. What about the new sensations promised each time? A man who wants to get sexual stimulation using the ExoLover devices can connect with a woman who is currently seeking similar sensational pleasures. Each of them can appear in any of the pre-created simulations on the Exo platform. If today one wants a beautiful blonde, then they can communicate with her. A voice and realistic reflection will be available on screen to stimulate the visual senses using nothing but a pc or mobile device. The choices are limitless. You can literally connect with people of all genders, races, sizes and enjoy instant sexual gratification with them.

The device, with the help of progressive movements, imitates a real sexual act, and visual and acoustic contact with a partner makes it as realistic as possible that nothing on the market currently provides this fully immersive sexual experience remotely as ExoLover will. This technology is particularly great for people who have busy lives, in long distance relationships, have sexual anxieties, disabilities, unique curiosities and simply adventurers who want to explore the new fringes of the sexual revolution.

ExoLover tied this process to its own EXO tokens so that everytime a client connects to the platform, a smart contract is initiated and payment is processed so that only serious and genuine lovers can find each other. The payment can be made using bankcard, PayPal, or EXO tokens. On 25% of all revenues, EXO tokens are bought and burned which means that the more people start using Exolover products, the faster burning of tokens, and the less they remain on the open market and the faster their prices start to grow.

For example, with 100 million connections, the minimum cost of $1, the system will get 100 million dollars, of which 25 million will go to buy tokens from the market and their burning. With proper promotion, this amount can be achieved in just one day… but even if 100 million connections take a week or a month, the numbers are still very impressive.

Do not forget that the calculations indicate the minimum cost of $1, while a large amount of content will be sold at a much higher rate. ExoLover proves that there are bountiful opportunities for attaching a token to the market, which is not currently utilized by other blockchain projects. This unique value proposition will sure take Exo Tokens’ value to the moon!

For further updates visit the official website: https://exolover.io/or read the White Paper.

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Exolover – next generation sex toys and a new age business model
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