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FogChain Corp (OTC: FOGCF) (CSE: FOG): The Next Generation of Blockchain Technology

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It was almost ten years ago that Silicon Valley gave its lofty forecast on the cloud. There is no mistaking that cloud computing is now a segment of the technology arena that turned out to be as revolutionary as it was promised it would be.

Today the global public cloud market is nearing a colossal $200 billion and is growing at a 22% annual rate. Did you ever think in 2006 that Amazon Web Services would be the beast that it is today? The cloud computing division of Amazon is now worth over $17 billion!

There are however limitations of current cloud computing and these limitations have led to one answer: Fog Computing. Fog computing extends the concept of cloud computing to the network edge, making it ideal for the internet of things (IoT) and many other applications.

FogChain Corp. (OTC: FOGCF) (CSE:FOG) could be at the forefront of this powerful new trend with its unique platform and software suite.

With its next-generation fully integrated software development, testing and deployment platform, the company provides developers with a suite of rapid development tools and resources for the creation of apps, smart contracts, mobile apps and decentralized apps (dApps).

In a world where less than 1% of the potential compute power is utilized, FogChain Corp. (OTC: FOGCF) (CSE:FOG) is introducing the next generation of decentralized computing to the world of software development and application lifecycle management.

Led by a team of Enterprise Software, Cloud and SaaS veterans that have over 120 years of combined experience and a wide range of deployments on a global basis from Small to Medium Sized Businesses to the Fortune 100 — FogChain Corp. (OTC: FOGCF) (CSE:FOG) is developing a platform and software suite for consumer and enterprise customers.

FogChain Corp.’s suite allows organizations to capitalize on the unlimited availability of decentralized resources, providing instant access to a scalable compute and storage environment specifically designed for software development, all wrapped in a secure Blockchain layer.

Users can perform continuous software development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.

This is the era of new IT architecture…

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way we use applications and store data but a decentralized system and blockchain-based marketplace can offer an alternative to the cloud through a fog computing structure.

Fog platforms have been described as dense computational architectures at the network’s edge which reportedly have low latency, location awareness and use of wireless access. Benefits include real-time analytics and improved security.

Fog is the most efficient network methodology to support fast transmission speeds, computing resources and utilization of storage, at large scale.

Benefits of Fog Computing:

  • Can leverage underutilized resources lowering costs
  • Can leverage crowd computing expanding reach and scale
  • Reduces data that needs to be transferred to the cloud thus improving security and performance
  • Cloud is like having your car controlled from a computer miles away vs. the Fog which is like having the computer onboard – imagine the latency
  • Integrates with the latest technologies including IoT, BlockChain, 3D & Virtual Reality engines, as well as analytics tools

In December of 2017, OpenFog Consortium surveyed its 61 member organizations on the state of fog computing and found that:

  • 70% of CEOs are aware of fog computing initiatives within their organization
  • IoT is the top application area for fog technology by a wide margin of 70%

The fog computing market opportunity will exceed $18 billion worldwide by the year 2022, according to a new report by 451 Research.

“Through our extensive research, it’s clear that fog computing is on a growth trajectory to play a crucial role in IoT, 5G and other advanced distributed and connected systems,” said Christian Renaud, research director, Internet of Things, 451 Research.

FogChain Corp. (OTC: FOGCF) (CSE:FOG) provides a next-generation platform that seamlessly integrates application development and deployment that leverages a high-performance Fog (or Edge) based computing network to drive scale, and connects with the unique and ground-up built RadJav Blockchain.

The company’s development platform, RadJav, includes a high-performance blockchain, and can be used to build applications for several industries: IoT, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D imagery, gaming, as well as autonomous vehicles.

All of these industries are expected to be monstrous in the future:

  • 20 billion connected IoT devices by 2023 (
  • Global virtual and augmented reality Market is expected to exceed more than US$ 117 billion by 2022. (
  • Global 3D Imaging Market is estimated to reach $26 billion by 2024; growing at a CAGR of 23.7% from 2016 to 2024. (
  • Global games market to hit $137.9 billion in 2018. (Newzoo)
  • More than 33 million autonomous vehicles will be sold globally in 2040. (IHS Markit)

The Future of Software Development

Just as the Internet provided the conduit to and democratized information for everyone, FogChain Corp. (OTC: FOGCF) (CSE:FOG) provides an easily accessible turn-key Software Development platform, and commercial-grade Application Lifecycle Management resources to developers, CIOs, and CTOs on a global scale.

The RadJav Blockchain

RadJav is a software development platform and decentralized datacenter. The RadJav Blockchain was built by application developers for application developers to provide a seamless environment to build and deploy applications across the web, desktop, or any mobile device.

The goal of RadJav is to simplify app, dapp, and smart contract development and how these applications are deployed.

What is RadJav?

  • It is a general purpose JavaScript programming language that allows developers to create applications or games quickly. These applications or games run with the nearly the same performance and look across Windows, Mac OSX*, Linux*, and HTML5 all while using the same code.
  • It currently has its own built-in blockchain with Segwit already activated.
  • It will also be a decentralized datacenter when Blockchain V3 is released. This will allow developers to publish their applications or games to its built-in blockchain, which would execute their applications.

With RadJav:

  • Developers can create nearly any app that can easily scale and deploy across multiple platforms.
  • They can create their apps or games quickly while improving their security significantly.
  • Developers will be able to create: desktop apps, mobile apps, web apps, desktop games, mobile games, web games, server apps, smart contracts, dapps, and more.

With RadJav’s four main aspects, developers can create nearly any kind of app quickly and securely.


  • Create desktop and HTML5 applications using the same code.
  • Create and use custom themes.


  • Setup your own HTTP/HTTPS server.
  • WebSocket server and client support.
  • Support coming soon for raw TCP/UDP socket communications over IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Can currently make HTTP GET requests.

3D Engine

  • Quickly create a 3D interface for your app that will run on multiple platforms.
  • Create multiplayer games with WebSocket support.

Decentralized Datacenter

  • Blockchain V1: Securely mine and transfer XRJ coins. Uses a slightly modified and thoroughly tested Bitcoin source code.
  • V2 and V3 will be able to host smart contracts, dapps, and server apps.

FogChain Corp. (OTC: FOGCF) (CSE:FOG) is also introducing Proof-of-Competition, the most revolutionary blockchain consensus the world has ever seen. By splitting its blockchain up into teams, then forcing the nodes to compete over who has the best latency, uptime, and more, the company can create the fastest and most scalable network ever.

On top of this, the network will be able to defend itself from hostile attackers, security vulnerabilities, DDOS attacks, and defend itself through legal representation anywhere in the world.

Utilizing the best of breed methodologies and design parameters to build a unique and robust blockchain platform, RadJav focuses on speed, transaction throughput, and security and completely disrupts traditional application development and deployment models while establishing the next frontier in what a blockchain technology platform can be.

FogChain Corp. (OTC: FOGCF) (CSE:FOG) recently acquired a software development technology firm called Quilmont Solutions for $2 million in an all-stock transaction which closed on August 31st, 2018.

From the acquisition, the company is expecting immediate revenue and cash flow this quarter.

Quilmont is a software development solutions provider specializing in automated testing, Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD), mobile and website development, and software quality assurance. The company has served both government agencies and enterprise-sized clients such as Geico, Siemens, Vanguard, and Madison Square Garden (MSG) to name a few.

Patrick Quilter, the president and founder of Quilmont, stated:

“This acquisition is an incredible opportunity for us to fuse our standards-driven approach to automated testing with FogChains unified development platform. Their belief in us confirms that our skills and strategies are the right formulae for testing next-generation technologies. We’re very excited about what the future holds with FogChain and positioning ourselves to be a driving force in software development. Patrick will be joining the FogChain executive team as Chief Strategy Officer and board member.”

Quilmont’s Test Case Manager is a patented, tool agnostic automated testing framework utilized across mobile, web, and desktop applications.

The global software development and testing industry is a $500 billion market which continues to grow at a significant pace. In addition, the US alone accounts for approximately 42.6% of the global software development market.

FogChains CEO, James Cerna, commented:

“The increasing demand for new technology solutions in the software development and testing industry is growing, as is the need to create new frameworks to support an ever-changing landscape and new technologies like IoT, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, and augmented reality. The acquisition of Quilmont, including its patented technology, is a great fit for us, as it connects us to an incredible list of marquee clients, and enables us to deliver our end to end software development and testing platform to them.”

Wall Street and several well-known companies, Facebook and Apple to name a couple, are now betting on a blockchain future. Some consider blockchain to be the harbinger of things the world has never before seen.

Not only do many expect blockchain to be the next big thing but also the next big tech story…

The inherent security of blockchain combined with the ubiquity and performance of the Fog is the only logical and scalable path.

Blockchain and fog were made for one another… One of the challenges of fog computing is figuring out how to safeguard network resources and transactions with an equally distributed security structure.

Autonomous features of fog computing rely on trusted transactions and blockchain technology rises to this challenge.

Led by a team of Cloud and SaaS veterans, this is a company that is uniquely positioned to be a leader in the next super-wave of the $500 billion software development market.

With the recent Bitcoin bounce and institutions talking about blockchain again, Fogchain looks to be at the top of the list among blockchain tech plays.

With the recent explosive demand for more edge computing and security within the Micro-Service and IoT space, FogChain Corp. (OTC: FOGCF) (CSE:FOG) may quickly catch Wall Street’s attention!

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FogChain Corp (OTC: FOGCF) (CSE: FOG): The Next Generation of Blockchain Technology


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