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Frélii Inc (OTCMKTS: FRLI) Bullish Trend Strengthening

Frélii Inc (OTCMKTS: FRLI) has broken out of a tight trading range after months of consolidation near all-time lows. For the better part of the year, the stock’s price action activity has remained subdued in the $2 to $2.2 trading range. However, not anymore, as the upward momentum has picked pace fuelling a surge past a critical resistance level.

FRLI Price Analysis

The rally could as well be attributed to investors taking note of the company’s push to target five key high growth markets. Late last year Frelii confirmed plans to evolve its proprietary DNA profiling artificial intelligence to meet growing market demands.

The company has since unveiled a new corporate website providing information on how its artificial intelligence platform is affecting several industry segments. In the recent past, the company has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with NewPath Health Care Solutions as part of an effort of advancing cutting-edge genomic science and applications.

It does not come as a surprise that the stock has taken out the $2.20 resistance level on renewed investor interest and improved market activity. A rally followed by a close above the $2.20 level has since opened the door for the stock to continue rallying, in continuation of the rally that began early this year.

FRLI Daily Chart

Conversely, pullbacks from current highs will have to contend with strong support at the $2.20 level above which Frelii remains supported for further upside action. A breach of the support level could result in the stock going back to trading in the $2 to $2.20 trading range.

What Does Frelii Do?

Frelii bills itself as a medical technology company focused on the use of gene sequencing and artificial intelligence to determine risk and lifestyle modifications. The company boasts of a technology capable of analyzing comprehensive markers. The technology is also capable of generating accurate and valuable insight into DNA.

Why is Frelii Surging

Shares of Frelii have taken off on the confirmation that the company has inked a strategic agreement to advance innovative genomic science and applications. The company has since inked an MOU with NewPath Health Care Solutions to identify and leverage each other synergies and opportunities.

The two are planning to build a cooperative venture capable of leveraging each other strengths to enhance the science of genetics as well as clients quality of life. The joint venture will also seek to expand and improve established product portfolios.

“Frelii will offer its highly advanced artificial-intelligence-based technology platform to the group, and also benefit from their technology and expertise to further our corporate growth and market objectives. By working together, we will collectively continue to outpace competitors and more rapidly advance the science and real-world practicality of leveraging genetic data for the good of humanity,” said Ian Jenkins, CEO of Frelii Inc.

The inking of the strategic partnership comes on the heels of Frelii reiterating plans to target five key growth markets that could benefit from its DNA profiling artificial intelligence technology. The technology in question can be of great help in medical cannabis analysis as well as telehealth and precision medicine. Frelii predictive capacity with the new technology could also be of great help in health insurance as well as consumer wellness and hospital systems.

“Current competitive solutions analyze approximately 400 thousand data points, generating approximately 384 outcomes, such as diet suggestions or identification of potential health risks. The Frelii AI technology has dramatically increased the data points analyzed to over 60 million, yielding more than 60 million outcomes,” Frelii in a statement.

Separately, the listing of the company’s shares on the OTCQB marked an important milestone in the company’s development. For starters, the company’s profile has received a significant boost, due to increased visibility on the company’s successes and innovations.

Bottom Line

Frelii is on course to become an industry leader in a multi-billion-dollar market. The Company’s growth prospects continue to improve by the day with the advancing of artificial intelligence and DNA sequencing technology.

A spike in share price, as well as market activity, attests to growing investor confidence about the company’s long-term prospects. A spike above the $2.2 resistance level has opened the door for the stock to continue edging higher in continuation of the uptrend.

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Frélii Inc (OTCMKTS: FRLI) Bullish Trend Strengthening
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