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Future Farm Technologies Inc (CNSX:FFT) Has Partnered With Tilray Alumni for Its Next Development Phase

It has been an amazing two days for cannabis cultivator and distributor Future Farm Technologies Inc (CNSX:FFT). Over this period, the firm announced news regarding its partnership with Tilray alumni to move their portfolio from a developmental phase to an operational phase. This comes in addition to other news regarding their spin out of NexTech AR Solutions Corp which acted not only as a way for the firm to raise capital through the same of shares but also as a method for them to divest from the investment.

With the above two, the firm’s share price has grown considerably. The former has had more impact on the firm, however, the latter also affected their price albeit minimally. Since the news on the partnership, the price has risen by over 44% rising from their previous price of $.27 to their current price of $.39. Moreover, over 1 million of the company’s shares have been traded over the same period speaking to higher momentum being witnessed in the market. This, in turn, alludes to the market having been rattled by news from the firm.

The above price action can be viewed in the chart below:

FFRMF Daily Chart

The change above resulting from above change in their operations has been drastic and speaks to investor confidence tied to them operationalizing their development products. As such, we opted to review some of these products so as to evaluate the time to the operation, therefore, the expected time to payback.

A Brief Look at FFT

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Future Farm Technologies Inc operates both within Canada and America with significant holdings in states whereby cannabis is legal. Their mission to promote and advance sustainable agriculture within the wholesale and retail cannabis segments including hemp has played a critical role in ensuring that they continue to grow their operations. This has been achieved through different means, primarily through the use of their exclusive global patent for vertical farming technology which ensures ten times greater yield per square foot than traditional agriculture. Moreover, the firm has a scalable indoor system which aids in utilizing water, land, and minerals more efficiently.

Over the recent past, their goal has morphed towards the delivery of the highest quality of products to clients, therefore, they have embarked on an acquisition spree as well as partnering with leading companies to develop technologies which will ensure the entire value chain is made more efficient. Such include research into genetics, breeding as well as Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) – the aforementioned scalable indoor system.

Recent Developments

As previously stated, there have been a number of developments which have rocked FFT. These developments have changed the course of FFT’s price movements and altered them towards the green zone. The result has thus been very positive for the firm and the developments are as discussed in the next segment.

The Spin Out

Following a court case which was settled early last month, FFT was allowed to spin out of some of the current investments it had, specifically NexTech AR Solutions Corp. With Nextech planning to list their shares on the Canadian Stock Exchange, the firm opted to spin out 11,000,000 common shares of NexTech and issue them to their – Future Firm Technology’s – current shareholders on pro-rata basis. The set date for the spinout was set to 30th August 2018.

As a result, FFT would be left holding on to 25.86% of the outstanding common stock of Nextech which will see them remain an active minority shareholder in the company. Eventually, the two firms expect to cooperate in the merging both the technological and cannabis camps to bring in products which would benefit them mutually. Reports by BIS Research put the augmented reality market where Nextech operates at a $3.48 billion valuation- as of 2017 – and is estimated to rise to $198.17 billion by 2025. Moreover, the cannabis sector is also expected to rise to over $54 billion in sales by the same year. All the above will be critical in ensuring that FFT grows their market share and eventually clinches the top prize as a dominant player in the cannabis sector.

The Next Phase

As spoken to earlier, FFT has partnered with Tilray to move forward their development products to the operational phase.

FFT currently has a large portfolio of business units currently in the development phase. Already, they have harvest underway in Maine as well as dispensaries in the pipeline in Puerto Rico and an ever-growing portfolio in North America. The two Tilray alumni, Phyllis and Chris have been brought to oversee the logistical aspects of the operationalization phase.

Through this, the team will have an additional hand to ensure that their research and development runs concurrently with their planned executions, ensuring that the business can therefore flourish. The latter was best stated by the firm’s CEO, William Geldea who stated:

“We are very excited to be working with professionals like Phyllis and Chris as we expand our operating portfolio”


Through this, FFT’s portfolio is expected to grow, ensuring that they reach their long-term goal of shareholder wealth maximization.


It is clear that FFT is working towards the eventual maximization of shareholder value. With the setting up of a great team, the firm is expected to grow their portfolio and eventually their profits. All in all, their future seems to be further and further in the green zone.

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Disclosure: We have no position in FFT and have not been compensated for this article.

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Future Farm Technologies Inc (CNSX:FFT) Has Partnered With Tilray Alumni for Its Next Development Phase
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