Grand Capital Ventures Inc (OTCMKTS: GRCV) Exploding Higher As 2019 Outlook Turns Bullish

Seven-figure revenue potential at the back of a robust e-commerce sales and distribution infrastructure explains why Grand Capital Ventures Inc (OTCMKTS: GRCV) is a fundamentally attractive cannabis pick. Robust revenue growth is just one of the catalysts fuelling the penny stock’s price action activity. Promo emails from The Wolf of Penny Stocks is another.

OTCMKTS: GRCV Price Action

The penny stock is exploding from all-time lows at the backdrop of surging trading volume, signaling renewed investor interest. Together with its wholly owned subsidiary Yuka e.Com, Grand Capital Ventures is slowly becoming a force to reckon with in the Cannabis sector as revenues continue to grow at an impressive rate.

While Grand Capital Ventures still has a long way to go, a 1400%-plus spike in share price underscores the strength of the bullish momentum, fuelling price action activity. The stock skyrocketing in recent weeks signals the fact investors remain bullish about the Company’s long-term prospects and ability to generate shareholder value.

GRCV Daily Chart

The stock skyrocketing to 2019 highs at the back of high turnover in traded shares signals a potential spike to the $0.01 psychological level. A wave of positive developments should continue to strengthen investor sentiments in the stock, ideal for fuelling further upside action.

Grand Capital Ventures Background

Grand Capital Ventures is a holding company that invests and nurtures entities that demonstrate positive upside. The Company invests in companies striving to bring to market new technologies as well as unique products.

Yuka Acquisition Impact

Shares of Grand Capital Ventures are exploding in the market, having become clear that the Company is in a phase of robust growth depicted by robust sales growth. The acquisition of Yuka at the end of the first quarter has all but strengthened the Company’s growth prospects, seen as one of the reasons why the stock is flying high.

Yuka is a landmark acquisition thanks to its core business that revolves around providing strategic sales channels for brands looking to enter and expand in the cannabis sector. The acquisition was part of a broader corporate restructuring, as focused shifts towards the $2.86 trillion e-commerce sector.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Grand Capital Ventures continues to register impressive numbers on the sale of High potency CBD- infused products. Focus on online branding and business services allows the company to take advantage of marketplace trends with strategic partnerships.

Revenue Growth Boost

Sales for the first three months of the year topped the $2.28 million mark setting the stage for the company to exceed revenues of $8.3 million generated the entire of 2018. Robust sales growth come on the heels of YUKA leveraging its unique industry position to take advantage of the online marketplace trend.

“What we’ve done in the first three months of 2019 has been a testament to both the hard work and planning of our team,” said CEO Meir ‘Miko’ Avitan. “We’re a known commodity in the e-commerce landscape, which bodes well for our future and for our ability to increase the value of our enterprise for our shareholders. We expect 2019 to be a record-breaking year.”

Revenues for the month of March alone topped highs of $825,000. The current revenue run rate is a reflection of Grand Capital Venture strategic planning and execution. The Company has built a trusted and reliable brand that looks set to generate long-term sales growth and shareholder value.

“Incoming revenues have surpassed our expectations, especially as the YUKA brand grows within the industry,” said CEO Meir ‘Miko’ Avitan. “Our ability to expand sales rapidly while maintaining — and growing — a strong market position continues to be our greatest strength, helping us to produce results for our shareholders.”

Bottom Line

Seven Figure revenues over a short period, and still growing is a milestone that underscores Grand Capital Ventures growth trajectory in the multi-billion-dollar industry. The inking of strategic partnerships with full line CBD brands should allow the company to enjoy accelerated sales growth going forward.

Revenue growth month-over-month means the company is on course for a record-breaking year. The progress should continue to strengthen investor confidence in the stock, ideal for fuelling further upside action.

The recent promo emails from The Wolf of Penny Stocks has helped put the stock on a lot of trader’s radar screens. Look for more action ahead.

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Disclosure: We have no position in GRCV and have not been compensated for this article.

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Grand Capital Ventures Inc (OTCMKTS: GRCV) Exploding Higher As 2019 Outlook Turns Bullish
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