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GT Biopharma

GT Biopharma Inc (OTCMKTS: GTBP) Surging On HIV Elimination Progress With Tri-Specific Killer Engager

Reports that GT Biopharma Inc (OTCMKTS: GTBP) Tri-Specific Killer Engager (BiKE) can target and eliminate HIV infected cells is a development that could spark renewed investor interest in the stock. Data from ongoing clinical trials with the University of Minnesota indicate that BiKE can eliminate HIV-infected targets that express HIV envelope on the surface.

GT Biopharma Price Analysis

The findings could not have come at a better time as GT Biopharma is in dire need of a new catalyst to bottom out after succumbing to bearish pressure over the past year. The stock is already down by 80% and languishing close to all-time lows.

While investors sentiments appear to be at all-time lows, recent developments are sure to strengthen market sentiments given the potential impact of a positive outcome out of the ongoing HIV studies. Since the start of the second quarter, GT Biopharma has shown signs of bottoming out, amidst a spike in share price as well as market sentiments.

A bounce back to the $0.58 level has opened the door for bulls to push the stock to the $1.20mark, a critical resistance level. For the stock to turn bullish in the short term and avert further slides, then it needs to rise and find support above the $1.20 technical level.

GTBP Daily Chart

Below the $1.20 mark, GT Biopharma remains bearish and vulnerable to further drops in continuation of the long-term bear trend.

About GT Biopharma

GT Biopharma is a clinical biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of novel immune-oncology products. The company is currently working on immune-oncology products that target cancer cells.

Tri-Specific Engager HIV Milestone

Shares of GT Biopharma have started bottoming out in response to the company achieving significant progress when it comes to combating HIV infected cells. Clinical studies conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Miller and Timothy Schacker have shown that the company’s Tri-Specific Engager has the potential to suppress and eliminate HIV cells in infected persons.

The study results indicate that TriKE/BiKE represents a possible cure for over 36 million people currently infected with HIV around the world.

As it stands, infected persons have to take anti-retroviral drugs for the rest of their lives, as the drugs are not able to target the reservoir where HIV hides in tissue CD4 Tells to destroy the sanctuary sites. However, GT Biopharma TriKE could offer an ultimate solution to the standoff.

“We have constructed a TriKE with an IL-15 linker that we believe will target NK cells to HIV infected CD4 T cells with the potential to eliminate the HIV reservoir,” stated Dr. Jeffrey Miller.

Buoyed by the success of BiKE data GT Biopharma intends to expand BiKE’s capabilities in the TriKE platform to extend the cytolytic activity being demonstrated by BiKE.

In addition to the positive HIV clinical study trials, GT Biopharma has also secured regulatory approval to proceed with in-human FDA Phase 1 Clinical trial for GTB-3550. The clinical biotechnology company is investigating the candidate drug for the treatment of acute myelogenous leukemia as well as myelodysplastic syndrome and mastocytosis.

According to the Chief Executive officer, GT Biopharma is at an inflection point on the development of the TriKE licensed from the University of Minnesota.

“The clinical trials team at the University of Minnesota are excited to commence the Phase 1 trial testing this novel immunotherapeutic agent, GTB-3550. The pre-clinical data are compelling, and success with GTB-3550 in this Phase 1 study will allow us to further investigate the TriKE in a larger number of cancer patients,” said CEO Anthony Cataldo.

Bottom Line

GT Biopharma is a potential bounce-back play given the milestone achieved so far on the development of the TriKE platform that once again underscores long-term prospects. The Tri-Specific Killer Engager showing prospects in combatting HIV infected cells is a development that should continue to strengthen market sentiments.

The stock spiking higher in view of recent developments signals renewed investor interest. Given that the stock is still engulfed in a long-term bearish trend, it may have to rise and stabilize above the $0.80 mark to confirm the downtrend has been broken.

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GT Biopharma Inc (OTCMKTS: GTBP) Surging On HIV Elimination Progress With Tri-Specific Killer Engager
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