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Is the Hammer Fiber Optics Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:HMMR) Share Price Surge Warranted?

The past ten days have been amazing for players within the fiber optics space and especially those invested in Hammer Fiber Optics Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:HMMR).

The reason for this is quite lucidly expounded by the chart below:

HMMR Daily Chart

Over this period, the company’s share price has soared to the top, rising by nearly 100% from the previous price of $.9 to their week’s high of $1.7, no mean feat for the company and one which sent the shareholders smiling all the way to the bank.

Despite this, the price has since come back down in a sort of corrective measure, bringing to question the idea that the company’s operations or an announcement regarding their future had played catalyst to the hike in their price.

As such, we became interested and decided to take a look at the fiber holdings company in a bid to establish their current standing as well as the driver/catalyst to their share price surge. This report represents a synopsis of our analysis.

A Brief History of HMMR

Before going into the details, and for the sake of first-time readers, let us first have a look at the history of the company to date.

Founded back in September 2010, and headquartered in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, Hammer Fiber Optics Holdings Corp operates within the telecommunications sector. It has invested heavily in the sector and provides fiber networking solutions as well as broadband wireless access network (WAN) to its clients across the united states.

Its impact is further felt in the under-served markets situated along the transatlantic landing corridors which it has penetrated to deliver communication, data and carrier services as well as ensured the poorly served broadband customers receive better care from their service providers. Through this, it has carved out its market both with the residential population as well as with the enterprises in the area with whom they have created a working rapport with.

All in all, Hammer Fiber Optics Holdings Corp seems to have done their homework in market penetration and evaluating the problem they want to tackle, speaking a lot to their prowess.

A Long Look at HMMR

Given that we have not looked at this company before, let us first have a feel of what their distant history had been like.

Over six months back, the company announced that they had completed their prototype for the 5G services.

This prototype – formed during the initial development phase of the advanced LTE fixed wireless systems project – brought to life a device which would support the full breadth of LTE frequencies, therefore, be the anchor on which the 5G network would be founded.

The company, which had been working in conjunction with a few of their partners in Europe, painted this as a major success for them as was stated by their Executive Chairman Michael Cothill:

“5G is the inevitable next step in the evolution of telecommunications, and we are proud to be on the front lines of developing the technology to support the vision of things to come,”


Since then, the company took time to engage in a number of other activities, some which included ensuring their systems – specifically their IAAS cloud services – were robust enough to handle cryptocurrency mining rigs running on them. This move to ensure that blockchain could be built on their infrastructure strongly spoke to their power to support powerful and robust computational performance on their platform, a story which was quite telling to the market.

More recently, the firm made an acquisition of 1stPoint Communications LLC as well as all its subsidiaries. Through this, the company was seen to be poised for growth within the cellular business, as the companies have significant intellectual property within the local carrier space, specifically in SMS/ texting, carrier switching and voice services. Through this, HMMR would have the capacity to grow into a nationwide entity, competing with some of the greats in the country and globally.

This hasn’t been all from them – with the company having launched new VPN networks, their subsidiary having rebranded and the company has opened new data centers; however, the two go a long way in explaining the leaps the company has come over the past six months.

Currently, some of those leaps are seen to be the key driver to the current price surge and with good reason.

The Share Price Surge, What Happened?

A recent report by NetworkNewsAudio brought to market exactly what HMMR had been doing over the recent past.

In their article, they shared how the research HMMR were doing would benefit the internet space, explaining that the speeds of the future would be boosted significantly courtesy of the same. It went ahead to state:

“…This pre-5G platform is DOCSIS 3.0 compliant and is scalable to DOCSIS 3.1, allowing for speeds of 1 Gb/s and up.”


This alone would have had an impact on the market given that the whole concept of the internet of things will be built atop such internet infrastructure. However, that wasn’t all.

Another report later showed that the acquisition they had made had increased the firm’s potential revenue and customer base, all factors which would see the firm’s financial performance and brand recognition grow at the same time respectively.

Given the above, the future of HMMR was quite clear from the start as was the catalyst for the surge: the lucid vision which was driving the future performance of the company.


HMMR has shown the market the power of a clear vision and focus. From this piece, it is quite clear that the company is on its way to the top, and that this is based on their clear vision. Their rise is strong and going forward, keeps getting stronger. As such, investors would be prudent in looking at HMMR further as an investment opportunity.

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Is the Hammer Fiber Optics Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:HMMR) Share Price Surge Warranted?
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