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Here’s What We Know About Dolat Ventures Inc (OTCMKTS:DOLV)

Dolat Ventures Inc (OTCMKTS:DOLV) is a tough one to figure out. The company is up more than 25% this week so far and looks set to add to that total before the week draws to a close. Go back twelve weeks and this premium rises to 3800%. This is a company that, until the start of this year, was nothing more than a dormant ticker. Right now, it’s one of the pink market’s biggest runners and it’s drawing a considerable amount of speculative attention at this end of the market from traders and investors alike.

The big question is, what does the company do?

We have attempted to figure this out on a couple of occasions over the last few months and readers looking to catch up on our coverage can do so here and here. To bring newer readers up to speed, however, the name Dolat is no longer relevant to the stock. Basically, through what essentially amounts to a reverse merger, and back in April, Dolat was acquired by a Chinese businessman called Mr. DeQun Wang, subsequent to the former acquiring all of the outstanding shares of a company called Ji Ming Yang Amperex Technology Limited. Subsequent to the merger the entity renamed to JB&ZJMY Holding Company, Inc. and – and this is ongoing, not yet complete – is set to pick up a new ticker.

Chances are (and this is a bit speculative) we’ll also see a name change accompanying the ticker. There’s nothing particularly attractive about JB&ZJMY and we don’t think the company will have any problem getting its US-based shareholders to green light something a little catchier.

Anyway, that’s an aside.

From an operational perspective, the new entity is going to be working in the electric vehicle (EV) space in China. As we noted last time, there’s an incredible opportunity in this space, in this nation, right now, with government grants and breaks providing considerable incentive for anyone operating in the Chinese EV sector. Initially, we thought that this activity was going to be limited to the development and distribution of batteries for EVs. As it turns out, the company is actually creating its own EVs, some of which look pretty nice.

What’s called the Zhong Ji Ming Yang V3 seems to be the flagship right now, and it’s an SUV type EV that can go 500km on a full charge and reach max speeds of 130km. That’s not a great max speed, but it’s more than enough for casual transport, and the 500km range is very good.

That’s interesting, but what’s most interesting for us is the family of companies into which Dolat (in its new iteration) is folding.

DeQun Wang is the owner of what’s called the Jin Bo Group, which is a holding group of dozens of companies in this space all operating in the technology space – things like telecoms, EVs, network communications, etc. Jin Bo is a big deal.

The image below is reportedly taken at last year’s Jin Bo Group annual meeting.

Here’s a link to some more images from the same event.

That doesn’t look like a fly by night Chinese scam entity to us, and it’s encouraging from Dolat’s perspective that there actually seems to be some (substantial) activity going on in and among the group of companies that it now (as a result of the recent merger) calls its peers.

It’s all pretty complex right now and there are a number of puzzle pieces still to be uncovered, never mind fitted together. With that said, for a ticker that was basically meaningless a few months ago, and for a company that’s run up to the degree that Dolat has over the past few weeks, we think this one’s well worth keeping an eye on. There’s no guarantee of further strength but as a speculative punt on the fact that this one may just be a hidden gem, it might be worth a shot.

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Disclosure: We have no position in DOLV and have not been compensated for this article.

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Here’s What We Know About Dolat Ventures Inc (OTCMKTS:DOLV)
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