HireMatch ICO Takes $400 Billion Recruiting Industry By Storm

HireMatch ICO Takes $400 Billion Recruiting Industry By Storm

The world wide job market is valued at over $400 Billion, with the average fee for a recruiter at around $37,700.

The most common place to post or look for a job is indeed.com, or Monster.

These companies have done very well, Indeed is valued at over a Billion dollars and Monster is household name in the industry.

Like many other industries, HireMatch looks to disrupt the industry by using Blockchain technology.

Right now sites like Indeed and Monster are centralized and do very little in the way of attracting talent through social networks or internet search. Obviously this is where a lot of opportunity lies.

HireMatch is creating a community of people who are looking for work, as well as companies looking for quality people.

Now here is the key, if you are someone who is active on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ect, you can become a agent and refer people in your networks to job opportunities, essentially you are the recruiter and you earn tokens called “ Hire” by helping people find jobs.

You can learn more about how you could become a agent or contribute below.


Now as I said this is a Billion dollar industry and if HireMatch takes only a small slice away from Monster, or Indeed, which with their millennial friendly platform should be easy to do.

Millennials as everyone knows are the most tech savvy people in the workforce and Hirematch will be very attractive to them.

HireMatch is looking to raise the equivalent of 23,000,000 USD. Proceeds will be used to build out their platform and to drive interest to their community.

Now last, but not least, the team, its made up from a group of people who have great track records and are very accomplished, from developers to advisors.

The team is strong. Their team includes players from Randstadt who you may recognize as the company who bought Monster.

These guys are dialed in. Take a look.


If you would like to get a report or review of the Whitepaper email us at info@globalcoinreport.com

Image courtesy of Sam Burne James via Flickr

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HireMatch ICO Takes $400 Billion Recruiting Industry By Storm
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