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Koios Beverage Corp (CNSX:KBEV) Is A Turnaround Play

The launch of new products, expansion of distribution channels as well as the commencement of clinical trials in the beverage space are the catalysts supporting Koios Beverage Corp (CNSX:KBEV) surge in the market. After losing more than 80% in market value in May, the stock has bounced back as it continues to recoup the losses on its way back to the top.

The stock has continued to edge higher in recent weeks on the company reiterating its commitment to pursuing opportunities in the nutraceuticals market, poised to reach $300 billion by 2024. Investors have since reacted and pushed the stock up the charts on the company strengthening its product line as well as distribution channels in pursuit of new streams of revenue.

Koios Beverage stock has taken a flight having rallied by more than 100% since the start of the month. The stock is currently trading in a steep uptrend as the upward momentum continues to gain pace. After a recent pullback from the $0.45 handle, the stock is currently flirting with a key support level at the $0.34 mark.

KBEVF Daily Chart

A breach followed by a close below the $0.30 could see the stock plummeting to the $0.21 mark, seen as the next substantial support level. Given that the stock is trading in an uptrend all indications is that it will continue to power high at the back of solid fundamentals. Immediate resistance is at the $0.45 mark a breach of which could see the stock making a run for its 52-week high of $0.52

What Does Koios Beverage Do?

Koios Beverage is an emerging food and beverage company with a distribution network spanning more than 2,000 retail location across the U.S. The company manufactures and sells nootropic drinks and supplements for enhancing mental drive, focus and as well as boosting cognitive skills.

Why is Koios Beverage climbing high?

Investor confidence in the stock has ticked higher in recent weeks, in the wake of the company launching new product lines after teaming up with some of the best food scientists. The company has already introduced its first flavor of a new improved line of cognitive enhancing beverage, dubbed Pear Guava. The drink is currently available on the company’s website for purchase.

In a bid to strengthen the product line further, the company plans to launch two additional products in October. One of the beverage is to be infused’ with Cannabidiol derived from hemp plants along with the company’s nootropic stack.

The second product is to be released’ by Cannavated the company’s subsidiary in partnership with Keef Brands.

“We are just scratching the surface of what cannabinoids like CBD can do for human health. […] A CBD infused beverage will be a tremendous value to the market and will allow us to come one step closer to realizing our vision of helping a billion people live healthier lives,” said CEO Chris Miller.

Distribution Channel Expansion

Investors have also taken note of the fact that the company is aggressively expanding its distribution footprint across the U.S as it looks to generate maximum value from its current and upcoming products. The company’s products currently appear in Europa sports, Muscle Foods as well as Amazon’s, Wishing-U-Well.

In addition to domestic sales, the company has also set sights on international expansion as it looks to launch its products to a global audience. The company has already commenced direct shipping to Canada

“We have particularly been seeing increased demand for our products in Canada, and are happy to be able to meet that demand with our global shipping program now. Our mission is to bring the benefits of nootropic supplements to the world,” said Mr. Miller.

Direct store delivery, as well as Direct to customer sales, is the company’s latest sales strategy that it says will do away with unnecessary costs that come into being on relying too much on Middlemen. According to the chief executive officer, shipping directly to consumers should lead to improved control of sales, in addition to helping it build strong business relations with retailers.

Bottom Line

Koios Beverage share price has risen steadily ever since it plunged to all-time lows evoking concerns about its long-term prospects. The meteoric rise has come at the back of the solid fundamentals depicted by new product launch as well as the expansion of the distribution channel. The company is also in the process of carrying clinical trials as it seeks to prove its product’s ability to enhance cognitive performance.

That said the stock surge in the market remains well supported by strong catalysts that justify further movements on the upside. After the recent pullback, the stock remains well positioned to complete rotation back to this year’s highs of $0.52 a share.

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Koios Beverage Corp (CNSX:KBEV) Is A Turnaround Play
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