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Liberty Health Sciences Inc (CNSX:LHS) is Gradually Becoming a Major Cannabis Player

The good news regarding Liberty Health Sciences Inc (CNSX:LHS) GMP certification has brought about a positive market reaction. In just a few weeks, the price has grown from $0.81 to nearly $1.0. Besides the validation of its huge efforts to grow customer confidence, this is a just reward for its aggressiveness in expanding its market presence. In this piece, we discuss the latest event regarding Liberty Health Inc and its possible future outlook.

First, take a look at the stock’s price movement:

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Brief Overview

Liberty Health Sciences, Inc. was established in November 2011 and its head office is located in Toronto, Canada. The firm engages in the production and sale of medical marijuana within the United States and Canada.

Attaining the GMP Certification

A few days ago, the company revealed that it had received approval as a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from SAI Global for its greenhouse and production facilities which are based in Alachua County, Florida. The certificate was obtained just ahead of the July 5th deadline given to Liberty for its processing facilities, confirming the location’s compliance with FDA’s food safety and practice requirements.

Chief Executive Officer for Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis explained that the certification gives proof of its commitment to excellence and precision dosing for its cannabis products. He added that at Liberty Health, the objectives it to attain higher levels for safety quality and consistency as it expands in response to the rapidly increasing demand in the cannabis industry.

He also acknowledged that what a great honor it is for the firm to receive the certification which proves its compliance to the FDA standard that endorses all the exhaustive work the team has done to make sure Liberty products are regarded among the very best.

In expectation of state-level endorsement of edibles, the firm has developed an all-inclusive food care plan which not only complies with but exceeds the given regulatory requirements as attested by Jessica Engle, Liberty’s Director of Compliance and Regulatory. She added that the desire to give its customer base total assurance that the products delivered to them safe and earning this certification have helped to reinforce confidence in its products.

Cannabis Education Centers

Back in May 2018, the firm opened a Cannabis Education Center in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The education center was the fourth to be opened by Liberty in the state within the year and reveals the progress the company has made towards its mission to deliver the state’s residents with easy access to high-quality medical cannabis and patient-centric educational resources. Interesting, the Education Centre is also the first medical cannabis dispensary to be opened in Port St. Lucie, which has roughly 185,000 residents.

All of its education centers are expected to provide a large array of brands including Solei, Aphria, Mary’s Medicinals, incredibles, and Isodiol. The purpose for these products is to deliver a wide variety of high-quality choices to patients in order to meet their needs across all state-accepted methods of cannabis consumption, including capsules, tinctures, oils, and vapes.

As the firm continues in its aggressive pursuit of opportunities within the Florida and Massachusetts markets, it has announced that it will no longer continue in its acquisition of Aphria Inc.’s minority stakes in Copperstate Farms Investors, LLC and Copperstate Farms, LLC.

The investors within Copperstate chose to exercise their option of first refusal in purchasing the minority interests in Copperstate based on the terms already announced.

Financial Performance

For the financial year ending in 2017, the company did not report any revenues, a trend which has been so from as far back as 2013. It is expected that in years to come, the firm will move out of this growth phase and generate revenues from the sale of its products.

In the same period, operating expenses rose by 14%, primarily due to an increase in its selling, general and administrative expenses. As there was no operating income, operating loss for the year was recorded at $0.85 million. It should be noted that it is a regular trend for developing companies to be unable to generate revenues while still incurring costs in the growth years.

Net loss for the year was $0.7 million, a minor drop from the prior year loss of $0.73 million revealing that the income statement consisted mostly of its operating expenses for the year.

The statement of financial position reveals that the firm is not highly geared. On its books, its total debt is worth just $0.2 million, resulting in a very low debt-to-equity ratio of 0.05. Encouragingly, the firm has a very high liquidity ratio of 5.64.


If Liberty Health Science is able to continue along this path, it will surely win over a large part of the market.

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Disclosure: We have no position in LHS and have not been compensated for this article.

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Liberty Health Sciences Inc (CNSX:LHS) is Gradually Becoming a Major Cannabis Player
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1 Comment

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