Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA)

Liftoff Has Begun For Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA)

A lot of developments have rocked Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) since our last review of the company which, for first time readers, can be accessed here.

True to our stand, the company has had a great run in terms of its share price since then with the company experiencing an uptick in prices.

Back then, news on the adoption of cannabinoids by the World Anti-Doping Agency and the entry of MJNA into this $11 billion space was key among the many reasons backing our claim of a share price surge.

We stick to this claim even now.

Their share price, as can be seen in the chart below, has since then been on an upward trend with expectations all conforming towards a further upward movement in prices courtesy of their current decisions and more recent news.

MJNA Daily Chart

Given that such an announcement led to their market valuation rising from just above $180 million to their current valuation of $305 million, we have found it right to assess their future prospects given the new information that has been released to the market. Moreover, we also find their financial position to be quite significant in decision making, as such, we will also be assessing it over the course of this piece.

With the above in mind, let’s dive right into the topic at hand.

A Look At MJNA

Medical Marijuana, Inc was founded in 2009 with their headquarters in Poway, California. It serves as a holding company with subsidiaries that make and sell a range of hemp-based products. Moreover, they are the first publicly held company vested in the cannabis and industrial hemp space in America.

They mainly operate through their subsidiaries to develop, distribute and sell high quality cannabis products with a focus on hemp oil, a naturally occurring cannabinol.

MJNA is now working hard towards venturing into other countries worldwide with the company looking to counties such as Brazil and Mexico as they work towards selling their skincare products both within Canada and globally.

News Reaching Us

In our previous article, we saw how MJNA had helped a girl in Brazil who was suffering from seizures. This was done using their product, RSHO™.

This turned out to be an excellent move for them as RSHO™ has since become the go-to cannabinol in Brazil.

This was after MJNA took a case to their courts which determined that it was inhumane to deny the girl the right to such an important product. The company has since been distributing this drug to Brazil on a much larger scale, expected to get even larger courtesy of the judge in Brazil who made a ruling that the product should be subsidized going forward.

MJNA’s CEO Dr. Titus Stuart commented on the move saying:

“We continue to be impressed and humbled by the amazing, historic gestures by the judicial system and federal government regulators in Brazil acting in the best interests of the health and wellness of the Brazilian people… This amazing progress in the Brazilian courts reaffirms our mission to keep educating the world about the beneficial nature of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) products such as RSHO™.”


They didn’t stop there.

In a bid to ensure the people knew how great cannabinol was, MJNA took part in a study meant to show how cannabinols could help mitigate convulsive crises caused by tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC).

The results obtained showed that 60% of participants who used CBD products saw a clinically significant (80-100%) reduction in the frequency of their seizures. Moreover, some quality of life metrics such as mood, appetite and cognition saw substantial increases among the patients using CBD.

The best part is that the only side effects noted were drowsiness and increased appetite; no serious side effects were noted.

CBD is seen to have reduced the frequency, intensity and duration of convulsive crises secondary to TSC.

With this in mind, the company is expected to boost their R&D and go further into the other trials as they work towards getting the product approved by the regulatory bodies and finally to reach people facing such problems globally.

MJNA has also launched a new marketing campaign known as subscribe and save which works in a similar fashion as Uber.

The Subscribe & Save program allows customers to receive automatic shipments of their favorite Medical Marijuana, Inc. products at a discount of 20% each month. It gives customers total control with options to cancel, pause, or adjust their order at any time.

Given that customers now have the ability to get the products right at their doorstep, MJNA expects that they will enjoy the benefits if growth through this online platform as they strive to their footing into the online space.

This, however, is not the only marketing they have received given that their management got the attention of the United Nations through the World Health Organization. Such a thing allows them to further market their products as a supplement and not only as a prescription drug.

Going forward, the future can only get better for MJNA given all that has gone into their marketing and R&D. We expect nothing less than a huge payoff to accompany them moving forward.


MJNA represents one of the success stories in the market. The entity has invested heavily in a lucrative sector and is poised for success. With such success in R&D coupled with exemplary marketing, the future looks bright for the company.

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Disclosure: We have no position in MJNA and have not been compensated for this article.

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Liftoff Has Begun For Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA)
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