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MAX Sound Corp (OTCMKTS:MAXD) Ventures Into The Blockchain Space

The new year came with new tidings for Max Sound Corp (OTCMKTS:MAXD). The company which has previously engaged quite a lot with sound, profiting from its novel ideas in sound and sound systems, began forging a new path for itself when it ventured into blockchain.

When this announcement was made, it was clear that they were in it for the long term as the market reacted quite favorably as the chart below shows:

MAXD Daily Chart

With over 400 million shares traded during that period, it is quite clear that the market is ready for the new product and the venture of Max Sound Corporation into blockchain. This piece will give readers an overview of how they are working towards this venture.

A Brief Look at MAXD

Max sound corporation, as it is popularly known, intends to enter the blockchain space in order to leverage on its proprietary audio and video technologies and patents. The company’s patent-pending MAXD technology is an audio process that substantially improves digital sound quality without increasing file size. MAXD makes it possible for electronic devices to hold more content and use less data, saving time and money in the downloading and playback process.

Going Crypto

In a meeting held in Hong Kong for 4G and 5G Technology, MAXD launched two new technologies at the summit namely MAX-D Voice and MAX-D. The two products attracted a lot of interest from OEM’S, cell phone carriers, and voice-activated technology manufacturers. Many of those in attendance demonstrated a keen interest in the two products with some even engaging in technical discussions on the same.

One key highlight to demonstrate the importance of this meeting is the engagement with global players in Telcom, Cellular, Computers, Virtual assistant ants and wearable industries. MAX-D will devote a substantial budget to get their technology of MAX-D Voice and Biometric Security ported into devices and tested by new partners engineers Licensing MAX-D Technologies.

Tests so far conducted in the year 2017 demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that MAX-D Voice has been proved to improve the cellular voice call sound and experience. mobile phone service providers have now seen the need to provide clear quality phone call and this is where MAX-D service is needed.

Early this year in the month of February, MAX-D announced that it will implement the innovative blockchain applications. In recognition of its cutting-edge technology and plans in blockchain and cryptocurrency, MAX-D had been invited to present and be featured at Future Tech Live!  during WonderCon in Anaheim, California March 23-25 and in July at ComicCon. In addition to demos of MAX-D Technology at the event, CEO John Blaisure will be speaking on panels at both shows about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Future Tech Live was created to celebrate the boldest and the coolest in the exploding areas of Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain/cryptocurrency. These technologies will provide earth-shattering changes to our way of life, how we interact with others, alter the landscape of every industry and touch every sphere of life.

One of the key topics of discussion is “going crypto” and generally looking at the impact that digital coin and blockchain technology has revolutionized our thinking and ease of doing business. Those who embraced the blockchain technology at its early stages like MAX-D are likely to have a very bright and promising future. MAX-D is currently evaluating many blockchain platforms and cryptocurrency opportunities being presented in music /audio, video/ data, and marketing.

On the strength of its HD Audio trademark, the MAXD App has achieved more than 650,000 downloads with zero marketing spent which proves there is a real need among consumers who are seeking quality HD audio for their mobile music experience. In subsequent app versions, MAXD expects to provide greater cybersecurity to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency applications via its recently patented biometric voice protection technology.

The Ascott Move

MAXD has also engaged Ascott Group Inc as a brand strategist. Ascott Group is a producer of the Future TechLive events and is at the forefront of entertainment meets technology. Ascott Group is a consultancy and production company established in 1996 which operates in sectors such as digital media, film, and TV, Music, lifestyle, gaming, virtual and augmented reality Blockchain and other emerging technologies.

Through this move, MAX Sounds Corporation expects that their future and sustainability alike, especially within the blockchain space, will grow both in the near and distant future.


MAXD is now in one of the most vibrant sectors in the economy. Their venture into blockchain and cryptocurrencies while banking on their experience in the sound industry will place them at the forefront of a new niche they are bound to create. Their growth is imminent, especially now.

Disclosure: We have no position in MAXD and have not been compensated for this article.

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MAX Sound Corp (OTCMKTS:MAXD) Ventures Into The Blockchain Space
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