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NaturalShrimp Inc (OTCMKTS:SHMP) Turns Bullish After 300% Spike

Shares of NaturalShrimp Inc (OTCMKTS:SHMP) rallied by more than 100% on the announcement of final tests on the company’s patented system for growing top grade shrimp. Renewed investor interest in the stock also comes on the announcement that shrimp production at the company’s San Antonio facility continues to exceed expectations.

NaturalShrimp Price Analysis

The stock has since taken a flight on investors taking note of the fact that the company has patented system has the potential to revolutionize the production of shrimp in saltwater farms. Since the start of November, the stock has rallied by more than 300%, at the back of a high turnover in traded shares in the market.

While the underlying long-term trend indicates that the stock is still trading in a downtrend, all indication is that the stock has turned bullish be it in the short term. After the recent spike higher, the stock faces immediate resistance at the $0.05 level.

SHMP Daily Chart

The stock, taking out the $0.05 resistance level should open the door for bulls to push the stock higher, with the $0.10 seen as the nest substantial resistance level. The stock needs to rise and stabilize above the $0.10 level for bulls to be in full control considering the underlying long-term bearish trend.

What Does NaturalShrimp Do?

Headquartered in Dallas Texas, NaturalShrimp is an agro technology company that produces naturally-growth shrimps in the U.S. The company boasts of a viable proprietary system for growing shrimp indoors without the use of antibiotics or toxic chemicals.

Shrimp Patented System Factor

NaturalShrimp exploded on investor taking note of the company’s proprietary system for growing shrimps enclosed in salt water systems. The fact that the technology can be deployed in urban warehouses or facilities anywhere around the world underscores the technology’s potential when it comes to value generation.

The patented technology relies on a vibrio suppression technology to exclude and suppress harmful organism that can destroy Shrimp crops. The use of the suppression technology essentially averts the need for using unnecessary chemicals or antibiotics for shrimp production. The suppression technology also enables higher sustainable shrimp population densities as well as consistent production.

“NaturalShrimp produces fresh, gourmet-grade shrimp economically in an indoor all-natural environment. Its patented technology ensures that harmful organisms and other potential problems cannot destroy the shrimp. NaturalShrimp uses no toxic chemicals or antibiotics,” NaturalShrimp in a statement.

Bumper Shrimp Harvest Expectations

The game-changing technology does not require access to salt-water areas or the use of antibiotics to control the disease. NaturalShrimp invention is the first commercially viable system for growing shrimps indoors. The company is currently running the final tests of the technology in its San Antonio facility.

NaturalShrimp has already put to the test its proprietary shrimp production system, in Texas. Early indication is that the company is staring at the bumper Shrimp harvest.

“Currently shrimp is harvested by ocean trawlers using nets, which destroy the ocean’s environment and kill numerous other sea creatures or by open-air shrimp farms, mostly in third world nations, which use dangerous levels of chemicals and antibiotics. These methods are unsafe, unsustainable and ecologically harmful. We use no toxic chemicals or antibiotics,” said Mr. Williams

Separately, NaturalShrimp has engaged the services of E&E communications as it seeks to boost investor relations. The company hopes to leverage the firm’s expertise in getting the word out about its revolutionary shrimp growing technology. It also plans to use the opportunity to engage with investors as it looks to underscore its long-term prospects and growth prospects.

What Next For NaturalShrimp

NaturalShrimp has exploded in recent session attesting to growing and renewed investor interest in the company’s long-term prospects. The stock bottoming out of the $0.02 level is a key development that affirms growing upward momentum after one of the longest sell-offs in recent years.

While the stock is still a shadow of its past when it comes to share price, all indication is that a turnaround is in full play. The stock needs to rise and stabilize above the $0.10 mark to give bulls a reason to continue betting on its long-term prospects.

NaturalShrimp has every reason to succeed thanks to its proprietary shrimp production system that is set to be a game changer in the sector. That said the stock should continue powering high on the company providing positive updates on the development and use of the patented system.

For long-term investors, this might be a stock worth paying attention to, as it has taken a significant hit but showing signs of breaking out from lower lows.

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NaturalShrimp Inc (OTCMKTS:SHMP) Turns Bullish After 300% Spike
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