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nFusz Inc (OTCMKTS:FUSZ) Rises On Short Covering

nFusz Inc (OTCMKTS:FUSZ) is a name that we have covered quite a bit in the past when the stock was running. Last year, we saw the stock run from just $0.08 a share to just over $3 for gains of 3,650%. We know FUSZ has runner in its blood and the stock has started perking up a bit again. That’s why we are taking another look at FUSZ. Is another major run in store for FUSZ like last year?

FUSZ Daily Chart


First up, a little background info on the company for those that are not familiar with FUSZ. nFusz Inc is a recognized leader in business-focused interactive video and the pioneer of Augmented Sales Intelligence software. The company’s flagship product, notifiCRM, is the first interactive video-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that allows anyone to create, distribute, post, track, and measure interactive videos that increase engagement and conversion rates by up to 600 percent. Video viewers can respond to one or more calls to action by clicking within a video while it’s playing – and no download is required. nFusz products are cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), available by subscription for individual and enterprise users, and accessible on all mobile and desktop devices. The company’s newest products, also based on its interactive video technology platform, include notifiMED, for the healthcare industry, notifiEDU, for the education industry, and notifiNGO, for non-profit organizations.

Instapage partnership

FUSZ just entered into a partnership with Instapage, the global leader in post-click optimization, to incorporate interactive video capabilities from the nFusz platform into Instapage landing pages. nFusz will become the first next-generation video partner to be made available to Instapage’s 15,000 enterprise clients including Verizon, eBay, TrueCar among others, across 100 countries who collectively have created over 1 million Instapage landing pages. nFusz CEO Rory Cutaia said:

“In today’s video-centric world, video has rapidly become an essential element of any marketing strategy. Armed with the knowledge that consumers retain 95% more of the messaging communicated through video in comparison to standard text, marketers have pushed video into the forefront of the marketing landscape for 2019. For marketers using the Instapage platform, the ability to enjoy the same custom, engaging experience to their video content is a complete home run.  Conversion rates above 22% are certainly impressive, though we will look to add value by bolstering the conversion rates of Instapage users across the board through the use of our interactive video technology.”


A major concern about FUSZ is the company’s weak financials. In 2017, the company reported just $5,000 in revenues while posting a loss of $7.2 million. The company also showed on its balance sheet just $90,000 in total assets compared to over $5.8 million in total liabilities. We will be looking for the 2018 numbers before we make any major assessment.

Short covering

According to OTC Markets, over 1 million shares have been sold short as of 12/14/2018.

Bottom line

Currently trading with a market cap of $83 million, FUSZ has been a microcap runner on a number of occasions over the past year. However, the most recent run looks to be the result of short covering as the shorts are being squeezed. With such a high market cap and the weak financials reported in 2017, it will take a major improvement before we can rest easy holding FUSZ. Until FUSZ can translate its partnerships and technology into meaningful revenues, we are urging caution.

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Disclosure: We have no position in FUSZ and have not been compensated for this article.

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nFusz Inc (OTCMKTS:FUSZ) Rises On Short Covering
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