Nousplatform to Expand the Investment Space

Blockchain technology has disrupted the financial services sector quite tremendously and keeps promising multiple possibilities for comfortable, convenient and cheap fund transfer solutions. However, it is yet to do about enough to cater to the needs of investors in the money and assets markets; at least not until the Nousplatform and other such facilities are fully operational. That notwithstanding, the premise of having such markets on the blockchain gives so much promise.

What is the Nousplatform and why is it a big deal?

In English, Nous refers to practical intelligence, natural wit or common sense, and according to Greek philosophy, the ability to intellectually apprehend the needs and opportunities a situation presents, or ability to engage the mind in intuitive thought to solve day-to-day problems. The Nousplatform, as such, is aptly named. It is an innovative approach to addressing new investment funds management conundrum.

The platform provides opportunities for both sides of the divide; fund manages to get a chance to run investment portfolios on the blockchain while investors gain access to the stellar-performing assets available. The Nousplatform provides the necessary technology to control the various portfolio items available in a transparent manner.

Advantages of the Nousplatform

The network provides an enabling environment and technical framework that permits fund managers to create and run the various investment portfolio on the blockchain. Besides, fund managers can issue tokens and use them as links to engage investors, and tokenize other assets in the real-world as well.

The other features of the Nousplatform are the ability to generate automated reports highlighting the performance of the various portfolio under the management of the fund managers. Besides, the technical framework on the platform can pay out dividends, calculate and pay commissions due to fund managers, and permit users through the investors’ community, to take part or purchase funds built on the network.

The advantages, however, don’t only lean towards the fund managers. Investors too stand to benefit as they can select choicer funds with stellar performance records. Also, the platform allows investors to limit risks, trade smart, diversify their investment portfolios and study the performance of investment funds using reports generated and confirmed by the blockchain.

Also, the platform provides an opportunity for investors to trade securities such as ETFs on its unique decentralized exchange. The Nousplatform offers all these with heightened transparency for both investors and fund managers while cutting down on the cost of operation and transaction.

How can investors participate?

The Nousplatform ICO pre-sale has been on since Q4 of 2017 with 10,000,000 tokens available for the public. Participating during the pre-sale comes with great bonuses and investors that want space on the ground floor may want to invest now. Later, another 750,000,000 tokens shall be available during the ICO with 70% of these open to the public.

Wrap Up!

The investment space is evolving fast, and the entry of blockchain technology is this ecosystem will only make things more exciting. The Nousplatform is now on the verge of leading this transformation, and securities and digital asset enthusiasts alike should make the most of the opportunities this platform offers.

Disclaimer: This sponsored post should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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Nousplatform to Expand the Investment Space
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