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Reelcause Inc (OTCMKTS:RCIT) Is Today’s Penny Stock Focus

Today, we are presenting a new business that has surprised by delivering astonishing returns in a short period of time.

We are talking about Reelcause Inc. (OTCMKTS:RCIT), which is focused on commercializing patented technology related to new renewable energy projects.

Check out the following chart before anything else.

From trading close to $0.05, the share price spiked up to touch the level of $0.25 in less than a week.

Additionally, the market seemed to follow the company closely, as the volume shown on the stock charts was large as well. More than 1 million shares changed hands.

Have a look at it and form your opinion before we provide ours:

One month stock chart for Reelcause Inc OTCMKTS:RCIT

1 month chart for RCIT

The reaction of the market to this share price volatility has been remarkable as well. We could find many interesting comments on the social media from the market participants, who are expecting new highs.

Comments in the social media - Reelcause Inc OTCMKTS:RCIT

Comments in the social media – Reelcause Inc OTCMKTS:RCIT

But, what’s going on?

The company has not released a lot of new information which could justify the share price movement. In our opinion, some market participants realized that the company is operating also in the cryptocurrency sector and pushed up the share price.

Have a look at the following image taken from

Image from the website of Reelcause Inc OTCMKTS:RCIT

Image from the website of Reelcause Inc OTCMKTS:RCIT

In this article, we will provide more information about this division inside RCIT. But, before we do so, we encourage readers who are not aware of the cryptocurrency fever to check our articles on this industry.

To tell a long story short, the increase in the demand for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other new coins has recently spiked, which is pushing up the cryptocurrency stocks like RCIT.


ReelCause, Inc. is mainly focused on the development of its micro-automatic magnetic power generator, which is said to be “the next industrial revolution by instantaneously creating up to 5,000 watts”. It is a new energy source, which is fully accessible at anytime, anywhere and is also limitless.

Check out the following video, wherein the new technology is explained:


But, that’s not all.

RCIT has other projects related to new renewable energy sector. In its last quarterly report, it is mentioned that the company owns patents for a product that produces energy using water. It is quite interesting:

“It relates to water molecules with centrifugal force of the water molecule bubble, letting it collapse, synthesis, and climb passed the repetitive heat generation process. Molecules generate tremendous heat energy and the water is instantaneously found to rise to 1500 degrees. There is zero percent carbon emissions from the heating equipment, whereas oil produces 64% carbon emissions and gas produces 40%.” Source

We encourage readers to visit, wherein many other innovations are explained.

What created the share price move? – Coin Mining

We found the following information about the coin mining division in RCIT. Please note that not many market participants know about this information, as it is not disclosed in the last company reports:

Mining Business of Reelcause Inc OTCMKTS:RCIT

Mining Business of Reelcause Inc OTCMKTS:RCIT

So, why is this company different from other cryptocurrency miners?

The company says that it is using its micro-automatic magnetic power generator technology to mine cryptocurrency.

What’s our take?

We believe that the company will need to explain a little further the technology being used and its new systems.

We expect that everything will be explained in the next quarterly or annual reports. When this happens, many market participants will get to know the company and the share price could increase. We believe that it will be a good catalyst for the stock price.

Until the company releases further information, we believe that following the next developments is the best.

Recent Announcements

The following are the most interesting developments released recently.

On October 16, 2017, it was noted that a new shareholder had acquired a large stake in the company. In our opinion, it clearly shows that the demand for the stock is large and new market participants have interest in this business. Well done.

Additionally, in the press release, we could read that the float is quite reduced, which will affect the trading of the shares; we expect the volatility in the share price to be high:

Authorized Shares 100,000,000 a/o Dec 01, 2017
Outstanding Shares 62,227,646 a/o Dec 01, 2017
-Restricted 48,921,621 a/o Dec 01, 2017
-Unrestricted 13,306,025 a/o Dec 01, 2017
Held at DTC 13,253,598 a/o Dec 01, 2017
Float 56,025 a/o Jun 30, 2015

That’s not all.

On November 17, 2017, the company released that it had given a presentation at the Westgate Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company gave a demonstration of ReelCause Inc.’s renewable energy technology to which hundreds of attendees assisted.

We appreciate that so many people were interested in the event and the fact that the company is working on awareness. In our opinion, this type of communication efforts pay off in the long run. Well done.


Currently trading with a market cap of $12 million, RCIT is an interesting story among small caps. With $0.13 million in total assets and only $54,000 in total liabilities, we also appreciate the financial situation of RCIT.

To sum up, keep a close eye on this name. It could surprise more in the future!

We will be updating our subscribers as soon as we know more. For the latest updates on RCIT, sign up below!

Disclosure: We have no position in RCIT and have not been compensated for this article.

Image courtesy of Christopher Sebela via Flickr

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Reelcause Inc (OTCMKTS:RCIT) Is Today’s Penny Stock Focus
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