Rising India Inc (OTCMKTS:RSII)

Rising India Inc (OTCMKTS:RSII) Is The Latest Cannabis Runner

Since the fall of Rising India Inc (OTCMKTS:RSII) in April 2017, the stock has not generated a lot of interest from investors. However, recent news of its new education program and its new marijuana research lab have attracted some attention in the past few weeks. In this piece, we give you the full of the firm’s new ventures and other recent announcements.

Here is the stock’s price movement in the last year:

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Company Overview

Rising India Inc. is based in Tustin, California and some of its business involves the development of senior living communities. The company’s range includes assisted and independent living, memory center communities. Its senior hubs deliver services, apartment homes, and activities for inhabitants.

Rising India Inc. carries out some of its operations through Rising Biosciences, Inc, which is a research and development firm which engages in the development of oral and topical cannabis and non-cannabis based pharmaceuticals using stringent standards created by industry for pharmaceutical compounding.

Recent Developments

In January 2018, the company reported that its lab located in Ohio is almost completed, which is in accordance with the state’s issuing of MMJ licenses.

Arthur Hall, Chief Operating Officer of Rising India Inc., outlined that with the issuing of licenses by the state (Ohio), the firm intends to be fully operational in its medical marijuana research laboratory. By continuing its work on the development, licensing, research and manufacturing of ground-breaking products in the Cannabis industry, the firm is committed to aiding patients with the highest principles. He added that management was also excited to announce that within a line of medical cannabis merchandises, the firm has agreed to debut Cannophen, which is a revolutionary product it has been developing for quite recently.

The product is a tablet with measured lab dosages that may be ground in equal portions of CBD, THC and strain-specific terpenes. The product is easily digested, quick acting and created for patients who do not want to smoke or deploy off tasting tinctures. This enables the patients to use the medicine by ingesting a flavorless pill, similar to other oral medication. The firm also announced a new MMJ version of the TSW pain cream containing Cannabidiol (CBD).

Hall also mentioned that there had not been any appropriate method of dose using the above-said means. Cannophen was developed through the use of strict quality and control criteria and approaches already mentioned in the pharmacy compounding industry by veteran pharmacists and experienced chemists.

In November 2017, Rising BioSciences, Inc. (RSII) announced that it had formed a partnership with PAO Group, Inc., a sister firm with whom it would be holding classes in facilities in Ohio State to the general public focusing on how Naloxone is to be used appropriately.

A medication developed to undo overdose of opioid quickly; Naloxone is sometimes referred to as Evzio or Narcan. The schedules classes are to be hosted in the firm’s Toledo, Sandusky and Parma offices. Working together, with Rising Biosciences Inc and PAO Group’s Alternative Medicine Centers intend to make the drug available at a much-reduced cost for participants in the events.

By the firm’s mission, PAO Group and its partner firms have begun to put steps in place to ensure they can enhance the appropriate use of Cannabis and other similar medicines to alleviate the grasp opiates presently have on the country. Another purpose of the classes is to educate the community while further raising public consciousness of the epidemic caused by opioid and disrupting the lives of many Americans and their relatives. This was according to Christopher Will, VP of Operations.

In the firm’s more recent announcement, it confirmed that it had launched TSW Topicals, a set of over-the-counter, topical pain relief products using a combination of clinically tested organic constituents such as curcumin, menthol, capsaicin, and ginger to effectively relieve pain and reduce any inflammation.

Financial Performance

A quick look at the firm’s statement of comprehensive income reveals that revenues of $0.17 million were recorded in 2016, the firm’s first reported revenues in years. This led to a decrease in net loss by a massive 50% with the firm’s highest expenses accruing to its interest payments.

The firm is has a very high gearing ration, with a vast part of its liabilities a result of long-term debts which are likely to accrue interests. Its low liquidity of 0.03 means the firm is expected to raise new cash soon, except it can beef up its revenues in time to meet up borrowing and operating costs.


RSII has new partnerships, and its awareness program for Naxolone and opioid effects is just one of the many steps in the right direction by the company.

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Disclosure: We have no position in RSII and have not been compensated for this article.

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Rising India Inc (OTCMKTS:RSII) Is The Latest Cannabis Runner
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