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The Share Price of PreveCeutical Medical Inc (CNSX:PREV) Is About to Soar Again

Canadian cannabis service provider PreveCeutical Medical Inc (CNSX:PREV) is at it again, and this time, with good news for the market. Over the past two weeks, they have brought to market numerous drugs and cannabis solutions which are meant to ensure that they remain in business over the long term while ensuring that they attain the all-powerful profitable and cash flow positive position. The aforementioned perks have come in form of a retention in their marketing department, providing updates on their different phases of research and development as well as the official launch of a cannabis division.

The market, despite all this, doesn’t seem impressed with the progress of PREV. the company’s share price has been on a steep decline, falling since January from a price of near $.8 to their current price of $.028 as shown in the chart below:

PRVCF Daily Chart

Furthermore, until recently, the share had seen minimal action in the traded volumes. This changed drastically earlier this month but the same volumes have also fallen drastically over the period as seen below:

PRVCF Daily Chart

It seems like despite all the effort PREV is putting in, its share price is on a downward trend.

However, we are of a different view.

We believe that the company’s share price is due to rise again given that the share is currently trading at a significant discount. Given the specific operations which are currently being undertaken, especially with most of them being in research and development, it is expected that once the options pay off, the company will be smiling all the way to the bank, and its shareholders will be right there with them.

Before presenting our case, however, let us have a look at the company’s history and overview.

A Brief Look at PREV

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the British Columbian firm specializes in preventive health sciences with an incline towards cannabis forms of drugs as a natural curative option. The company aims to develop both the preventive and curative drugs through natural and organic means for all their products.

Until now, their goal has always been to ensure that they are atop the preventive health sciences wing and to achieve this, they have put in place five research and development programs: sol-gel drugs delivery option, the dual gene therapy, a therapeutic product used for treatment of athletes, non-addictive analgesic peptides and the Nature Identical peptides program. Each of the above brings to market a different, non-addictive way of treating different problems for different cases.

Currently, there is a new product which they have been developing using Scorpion venom. This product is meant to provide peptides useful for the treatment of one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer, glioblastoma.

All in all, their research and development division seems to be working out the company’s as well as global problems efficiently. An innate look at the company goes further to prove this.

Recent Developments

A recent report by Traders News Source provided the market with an innate look as to the operations of PREV. Traders News Source was quick to highlight the operating capacity of PREV as well as the strategic decisions which have been made to ensure they maintain their position atop the preventive drug wing.

Therein, it came out clearly that the company had been working on their business development case as they signed a confidentiality agreement with an innovative drug delivery manufacturer – globally recognized – so as to ensure that they can both produce and distribute the soluble gel drug which they have been developing over time. Furthermore, they pointed out a partnership the company has with Aurora Cannabis – a renown medical cannabis producer and distributor – meant to see them secure consistent and high-quality cannabinoids over their production life.

The above came days before the company formally provided the market with a report on their research and development wing, announcing that the Dr. Harendra Parekh led team had successfully completed phase I of the scorpion venom-derived peptide program. They had successfully extracted eight peptides which would be synthesized in phase II of the research program prior to testing them in a simulated glioblastoma model environment in phase III.

To top it all off, to ensure that they had a foothold in the cannabis business segment, the company officially launched the cannabis division. The role of this department was stipulated to be both bringing to market of cannabis products as well as overseeing the nasal delivery Sol-gel program came to fruition. All in all, the company has realized that they need to tap into the over $63.5 billion U.S. cannabis market – which according to Statistica will be the size of the U.S cannabis market by 2024.

The company’s President and CEO, Mr. Stephen Van Deventer spoke during the launch, saying:

“The opening of the Cannabis Division at this crucial moment is very exciting, and continues to move the Company in an important direction… PreveCeutical sees a potential void in the medicinal cannabis sector as many companies begin to move to recreational market to accommodate demand. This market shift will provide PreveCeutical with the opportunity to focus on the healthcare sector and supply the increasing demand for effective and tailored cannabis-based therapies.”


This being the case, it is quite clear that PREV has maintained its focus on the medical aspect of cannabis. This strategic focus is expected to see them rise to the top of their field. Given especially that their research and development wing is in overdrive, it won’t be long before they meet their targets and the share price comes soaring again.


Eventually, it seems like PREV will be a major force in the cannabis sector, especially if their research and development wing achieves its goals. The company’s future products will soon be completed and the payoff will send shareholders smiling to the bank.

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Disclosure: We have no position in PREV and have not been compensated for this article.

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The Share Price of PreveCeutical Medical Inc (CNSX:PREV) Is About to Soar Again
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