SOHM Inc (OTCMKTS:SHMN) is making new highs. Its share price has almost tripled in just two months. That’s a very good reason for an update. But, it is not the only one. SOHM’s operating performance is remarkable as well. The company recently received an order of pharmaceutical products worth $0.5 million. Additionally, shareholders should be happy about the company’s ICO plans.

Everything that you need to know will be in this new article. But, first have a look at the following stock chart:

Two months stock chart for SOHM Inc OTCMKTS:SHMN

2 months chart for SHMN

First, let’s revisit the background very briefly. SOHM Inc. manufactures generic pharmaceutical products. Its global presence and marketing plan are said to assure the continuous growth.



Now, we will talk about its business. The stock is running because of the following.

$5 million purchase order

In November, the market heard SOHM saying that there was a place in America for its drugs. They were right. Only after one month, the customers made orders worth $5 million. It is fair to say congratulations to those who believed in the company. It was a risky bet, but you made it. Enjoy the stock gains.

Let’s dig into the details. On December 7, 2017, SOHM released the good news noting that the order came by the end of 2017. This is critical. Its flagship skincare product FōHM was relaunched in December.

Does it mean that FōHM is being sold a lot?

SOHM didn’t note so. But, if we are right, the revenues could pick up. Be sure to check the new quarterly report. Look for the revenue line. It may surprise. Following is what the company said in this regard:

“SOHM’s spokesperson said completion of this order would assure that SOHM achieves its target for higher revenue growth in 2018 compared to previous years.” Source


Back in December, SOHM said that it would enter the Bitcoin market. Honestly, at that specific period of time, it was a great time to do so. However, things have turned very different a few days after. Bitcoin recently declined from $17,000 to around $8,000. The industry is still fantastic, no doubt about it. But, it will take time until the industry accelerates as it did in December.

The company reacted sharply. It corrected the previous press release. Please read the exact words:

Bitcoin Plans - SOHM Inc OTCMKTS:SHMN

Bitcoin Plans – SOHM Inc OTCMKTS:SHMN

Does it mean that SOHM is not entering the ICO industry? Absolutely not. The new press release says that it is “exploring” opportunities. Thus, it may happen.

Investors are putting money into SOHM

In January, an investor signed a binding letter of intent with SOHM. The sum of money was not disclosed. However, the press release reads “sizable investment,” and “institutional investor.” These words reflect big money. In addition, many believe that it could be an opportunity for SOHM.


Since the money is for developing blockchain. More precisely, it is for “crypto mining and creating a synergistic token for the Company’s products and future services.”

The market reacted very positively. The share price spiked and millions were moved in one single day. Many market participants enjoyed the announcement, as the volume was almost 200 million shares.

What now?

The market will be waiting for more information. Be ready to obtain the name of the investor and the sum. Also, stay tuned to the company. If a DNA is signed, the share price could run. It is one of the biggest catalysts on this name.

Financials and Conclusion

The only caveat on SOHM is that the financial statements are not up to date. Consequently, the market does not know the current financial shape of SOHM. It made our work much harder. Furthermore, market participants may be obtaining stock gains, but their positions are risky.

Conversely, other market participants may see an opportunity here. The company has talked about future revenues. Thus, maybe it will be sending its financials soon. If it happens, it would be very positive for the stock. SOHM could become compliant with the financial market regulations. As a result, many more in the market will look at the company. The share price could run.

Currently trading with a market cap of $2.8 million, SOHM is an exciting story among small caps. In addition, the low float is another remarkable feature. There are 1,317 million shares outstanding and a float of 909 million. Consequently, the volatility in the market can be high. Market players enjoying volatility games could have a lot of fun here. Be sure to watch the news. It is the most significant stock catalyst.

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Disclosure: We have no position in SHMN and have not been compensated for this article.

Image courtesy of Arild Andersen via Flickr

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