The Blockchain – Ripple – Wave Has Just Hit Landstar Inc (OTCMKTS:LDSR)
Landstar Inc (OTCMKTS:LDSR)

The Blockchain – Ripple – Wave Has Just Hit Landstar Inc (OTCMKTS:LDSR)

Landstar Inc (OTCMKTS:LDSR) is a company worth mentioning this week.

Over a period of only 24 days, the company has changed their entire outlook and grown to new heights. Over this period, their share price has exhibited this change in outlook by nearly doubling over a five-day period from $.0014 to $.0027 – a 94.52% change.

The above has also been shown by the high level of activity that has surrounded the shares traded with the average volume standing at just over 43.2 million shares. Readers can view the above price action on the chart below:

LDSR Daily Chart

This movement stirred our interest in Landstar Inc and we decided to take a look at their recent developments in a bid to explain their share price action. Furthermore, we also need to assess their value proposition and evaluate its validity and term. As such, this piece seeks to answer the above questions in detail.

History of Landstar Inc

Before going into the intricacies, however, let us have a look at who Landstar Inc is and what their operations entail.

Landstar Inc was founded on May 5, 1998, and headquartered in Nevada. The headquarters were later moved to North Carolina in July 2017. The company is engaged in the broader energy sector with an incline towards the petrochemical industry.

The company operates through its subsidiaries – key among them being Hubei Chuguan Technology Company Limited – to manufacture and distribute vapor recovery units, tailored for the petrochemical industry, within China. LDSR also makes these installations in storage terminals and filling stations around the country. Finally, the company has also been engaged in the capture and recycling of organic compounds – volatile – in storage units and oil tankers to avoid environmental implications of the same. All in all, the company’s role cannot be further underscored as their business model not only impacts them directly, through the financials but also impacts the environment.

In January 2018, the company embarked on a new strategic outlook and changed its name to Data443. The above was to show this change and its implications are discussed below.

LDSR: Recent Developments

As previously stated, the company’s name was changed earlier this year to the aforementioned name. This followed a petition for a name change which was lodged towards the end of 2017.

The name change, according to management, was meant to reflect the new culture the company has been working towards, one that entails their venture into the data field. This new strategy has led them to the big data and allied fields, cybersecurity, and cyber response as well as blockchain. With all the above achieved, the company will them be working towards implementing their vision, building an umbrella company which encompasses entities as well as talent that ensures they develop such solutions for players within the market.

Currently, their collation with Raleigh’s leading co-working space has led them to build further on this strategy thus develop much faster.

However, this hasn’t been the only reason for the quick development as they also brought in a new board member who was meant to drive their strategy. The member is none other than the software industry heavyweight and strategic leader Mr. Todd Spain. His role has been well defined as coming up with the company’s strategic vision as well as formulating objectives that will lead the company towards this vision. His managerial role in global entities such as Cisco and the Blockchain Executive Group will be a great asset to Data443 as they venture into the formulation and implementation stages of the new strategy.

In line with the above, the company made their first acquisition after the name change on January 29, 2018. On this day, they announced that they had acquired ClassiDocs.

ClassiDocs is a firm believer in cost-effectiveness and reliability and they implement this both in data classification. Currently, they are engaged in cybersecurity where they are implementing a programme which integrates already made core cyber-security investments. Furthermore, their machine learning algorithm prowess is an asset to the company as they can train their algorithm in a data-rich environment and benefit from high accuracy and low costs in the process.

Data443 views this as a strong move meant to ensure that the company is constantly on a growth path. With the latter having access to most of Raleigh’s data, the benefits accrued to them by having LDSR as a partner company are monumental. This was underscored by the company President, Mr. Remillard who stated:

“As our capabilities increase – both operationally and financially – Data443 will continue to grow organically and by acquisition where appropriate… ClassiDocs has performed well in the marketplace and will be announcing new product functionality shortly.”


Two days later, the company announced that it would be supporting Ripple, a renown and growing blockchain-based platform. This development would see the company contribute some of its computational resources to ensure that they were part of the new blockchain network. This contribution would be based on the data processing network they currently have.

All in all, their belief that the blockchain network will be beneficial to the transactions space – in terms of identity and financial processing – has led them to this space and this will, in the long run, benefit the company significantly.


The blockchain wave is about to hit LDSR and is sure to hit the company in a big way. Over time, we expect that LDSR will continue to grow as it currently has and with time, the company will be a great player in the digital space. We are bullish about their stock price.

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Disclosure: We have no position in LDSR and have not been compensated for this article.

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The Blockchain – Ripple – Wave Has Just Hit Landstar Inc (OTCMKTS:LDSR)
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