The Future of Mobile iGaming Industry in Canada

The last decade has brought a massive technological development, but not many different devices have advanced as much as our phones. Today, pretty …

The last decade has brought a massive technological development, but not many different devices have advanced as much as our phones. Today, pretty much everyone owns at least one smartphone, which contains their entire life.

There’s an app for everything today, and you can use them to order food, navigate your way around the world, invest in whatever you want, and most commonly — play games.

While the past visions of the future that is our present did not end up being as accurate as we hoped they would (there are still no flying cars or interplanetary travel, after all), at least the iGaming industry is booming. In other words, while you cannot travel to Mars for the holidays, you can still spend some time in reliable online casinos.

The rise of online mobile casino technology

As technology continued to advance, we focused a lot on speed. Some of the most advanced solutions for achieving faster internet connection and bigger bandwidth revolve around cloud technology. However, this tech also allowed Cloud Gaming, where you can connect to online games, stored on remote servers. 

There are entire companies that offer such services, and allow players to connect with one another and play games online, without even having to download them to their devices.

This is likely only going to continue, with the emerging 5G internet, and it is very likely that most of the online gaming will be cloud-based.

Other gaming solutions, such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), are also slowly developing, but their potential for gambling is constantly growing. After all, this tech can perfectly recreate the atmosphere of land-based casinos, and provide us with exciting online casino experience, instead.

If you add new forms of money, such as digital currencies, you get security, a decent portion of anonymity, and instant transactions. That way, you don’t have to wait for days in order to cash out and use the funds that you won.

Mobile iGaming in Canada

According to data from statista.com, there are around 4 billion portable internet users around the world, which is over 50% of the planet’s current population. This should help you get some perspective on how massive mobile internet traffic really is in the year 2020.

In Canada, for example, the percentage of mobile internet users is even greater — 70% of the population is using it daily.

As you can imagine, mobile gaming is one of the most popular activities, with Canada being the 25th-largest country when it comes to the mobile gaming experience.

Of course, this research did not focus on mobile gambling alone. But, with around 22.5 million mobile gamers in the country, you can ‘bet’ that there are quite a few people enjoying online casinos in Canada.

In fact, the number of mobile casinos is on the rise, especially among cryptocurrency users. They are always trying to increase their wealth and find a good use case for their coins. Meanwhile, gaming has been one of the crypto-friendliest industries out there, so it is small wonder that they quickly found a common tongue.

Some examples of reliable online casinos in Canada that are completely safe and trustworthy  include:

  • 888Casino
  • LeoVegas
  • BetWay

They offer multiple methods for depositing and withdrawing money, as well as rewards for welcoming new users. 


With the direction in which the iGaming industry is moving in Canada, online casino sites will likely only continue to rise in number. Their popularity will also keep bringing new games, better deals, and more people to bet against.

Best of all, since they are available via mobile, and there are so many mobile internet users in the country, these casinos will be available to you pretty much at any time and at any place. This makes them incredibly convenient and accessible, and it is certainly one of the reasons why this method of accessing online gambling sites is becoming so popular.

Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

The Future of Mobile iGaming Industry in Canada
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