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The Go Eco Group (OTCMKTS:LIBE) Ready To Bottom Out On Guard Lite And Blockchain Opportunity

A fiery bearish run that had pushed The Go Eco Group (OTCMKTS:LIBE) to all-time lows, is slowly losing its momentum. The stock has since bottomed out, following a jump in share price from the $0.01 mark to the $0.02 handle.

The stock’s outlook has improved on reports the company is making the right strides in monetizing its proprietary blockchain technology as it also eyes revenues from its flagship product Guard Lite.

The stock continues to enjoy a lot of attention on Wall Street as investors and analysts take note of the growth prospects at hand with the latest push.  A close above the $0.03 mark should pave way for the stock to continue powering high on affirming the emerging uptrend.

LIBE Daily Chart

Given that the stock is still trading in a downtrend, it remains susceptible to further declines which could result in it ending at a 52-week low of below the $0.001 handle.

Before we carry out a detailed analysis of the firm’s recent activity and what to expect, let us look at what The Go Eco Group does in pursuit of growth and shareholder value.

The Go Eco Group Business Overview

The Go Eco Group is a diversified energy services holding company focused on delivering conventional as well as non-conventional energy solutions throughout North America.  The company acquires and operates a diverse array of energy products and service companies, with proven revenue generation avenues.

The energy company is focused on reducing the average cost of energy to its clients as it seeks to become the best small cap energy services company in North America.

Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Investors and analyst’s interest in the stock have increased in the recent past, on The Go Eco Group reiterating plans to leverage blockchain technology to further strengthen its business portfolio.

The company has already formed a new subsidiary dubbed, BitWhisper that is to specialize in developing and monetizing a proprietary blockchain technology. The primary goal is to come up with a new way, for the transfer of videos, pictures or files on the strongest encryption method.

“We believe that blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt the current file storage market. Our implementation of this technology could change the very way that file storage is done,” stated BitWhisper Chief Technical Officer Daniel Jaros. “BitWhisper looks forward to being the pioneer in exploring the applications of blockchain-based technologies in the file storage space.”

The Go Eco Group plans to use blockchain technology to track the location of user’s stored data. The technology is also to be used to count the total number of times a file has been copied for redundancy.  The un-corruptible ledger will also ensure that not all uploaded files are bundled with malware by miners.

Guard Lite Development

In addition to pursuing growth opportunities around blockchain technology, The Go Eco Group has also retained the services of Riastrad LLC to manufacture its newly redesigned product, the Guard Lite.

Guard Lite is a proprietary secure communications software. Riastrad LLC is tasked with the responsibility of handling all research and development for the next generation version of Guard Lite that operates with Bravetech Solutions encryption technology.

“Riastrad has made fantastic progress on the Guard-Lite 2 prototype which will offer encrypted video transfer alongside a secure wireless mesh network. We believe our partnership with Riastrad is the right fit to efficiently handle manufacturing, bringing our innovative technology to the marketplace,” said CEO, Brian Conway.

The Go Eco Group has already received a deposit for the sale of the first ten Guard Lites to a California real estate project.  According to the Chief Executive Officer, the offer paves way for a much larger order as long as the client is satisfied.

The company has also received orders for three units, from three different distributors who have expressed interest in adding Guard Lites to their catalogs.

The Go Eco Group has appointed Quinn Sales & Marketing Inc. to oversee commercialization of the newly redesigned product.

What Next For the Eco Group

The Go Eco Group is entering an important phase in its evolution as it moves to start generating value from its lead products. The company is on the cusp of seeing its revenue streams receive a major boost, which can only point to more cash flow in future as well as shareholders value.

In addition, a renewed focus on blockchain technology underscores the company’s readiness to adopt new technologies that have the potential to generate more shareholder value. The company is on course to disrupt the file storage market, with the help of blockchain technology, at a time when data breaches is a big concern.

It goes without saying that The Go Eco Group is on the brink of something great on the execution of its business plan and revenue generation. That said, the stock looks set to continue powering high on management proving they have the ability to generate revenues and shareholder value.

Disclosure: We have no position in LIBE and have not been compensated for this article.

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The Go Eco Group (OTCMKTS:LIBE) Ready To Bottom Out On Guard Lite And Blockchain Opportunity
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