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Thunder Energies Corp (OTCMKTS:TNRG) An Emerging Breakout Play

The unveiling of a new HyperCombustion system might as well be the catalyst set to reinvigorate investor interest in Thunder Energies Corp (OTCMKTS:TNRG). After coming under immense pressure from short sellers, for the better part of the year, the stock has once again started showing signs of trading high. A surge in trading volumes in recent weeks underlines growing investor confidence about the company’s new fossil fuel burning system.

Thunder Energies Price Analysis

Thunder Energies has lost more than 80% in market value since the start of the year. While it has started showing signs of powering high, it remains subdued at all-time lows engulfed in a steep downtrend.

TNRG Daily Chart

While the stock is currently trading at the $0.01 handle, it faces immediate resistance at the $0.02 handle. A rally followed by a close above the $0.02 mark should reaffirm suggestion that the downward pressure has lost its momentum and the stock has finally bottomed out.

Below the critical resistance level, the stock remains susceptible to further declines given that short sellers appear to be in full control. However a resurgence in trading activities in recent weeks, to the upside, continues to fuel suggestions that Thunder Energies is about to break out to the upside.

What Does Thunder Energies Do?

Thunder Energies is a development stage company that develops cutting-edge technologies. The company operates through three main divisions of Optical instruments, Nuclear Instruments and Fuel Combustion. Its latest innovation is the HyperCombustion system dedicated to the burning of fossil fuels.


Thunder Energies is the subject of renewed investor interest in the market on announcing plans to revolutionize the combustion of fossil fuels with a new innovative process. The company’s new system seeks to do away with the excessive contaminants that come into being with the current process so striking a spike to ignite a fossil fuel.

HyperCombustion is the company’s proposed new system that seeks to achieve full combustion of fossil fuels while alleviating environmental problems. With the new system, the company also promises an increase in energy output.

“The environmental problems of the current combustion of fossil fuels are caused by the release in the exhaust of contaminants, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and others. However, these contaminants are combustible, thus indicating the insufficiency of the current combustion,” said CEO Dr Ruggeri M. Santilli.

Thunder Energies new combustion system stands out on the fact that it facilitates ignition of fossil fuels at high temperature. This way, it allows complete combustion without combustible contaminants in the exhaust.

HyperCombustion promises to be a game changer in an era where fossil fuels have come under scrutiny over environmental pollution. It thus does not come as a surprise that investors are once again showing interest in the company in the wake of the unveiling of the new combustion system.

SIC Code Milestone

Thunder Energie Corporation sentiments also appear to have received a boost on the Security and Exchange Commission granting the company a new Standard Industry Code SIC. With the new code, 3559 Special Industry Machinery NEC, the company will no longer operate as a shell company.

The new code reflects the company’s manufacturing and sales activities in the Optical Nuclear and Combustion technology space. According to the Chief Executive Officer, it is also a positive milestone for stockholder and Investors.

Power UP Investments

Thunder Energies cash Balance also appears to have received a boost on the company satisfying its obligations under an existing Convertible Promissory Notes from Power UP Lending Group.

“We are very grateful for the investment they made in our Company; they have an excitement for our industry and the technologies that we are developing. Power Up has been committed to the growth of our Company and the continued development of our new cutting-edge technologies that would have remained completely stagnant in the absence of said investment,” said Dr. Santilli.


The recent spike in share price from all-time lows is a testament of growing investors’ confidence in Thunder Energies Corporation. The company might as well as have a served a groundbreaking catalyst in the name of HyperCombustion, sure to strengthen its prospects and sentiments going forward.

While the spike has come on a huge turnover in traded shares, the stock needs to first rise and stabilize above the $0.02 mark to be considered a long-term investment play.

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Thunder Energies Corp (OTCMKTS:TNRG) An Emerging Breakout Play
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