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Thunder Energies Corp (OTCMKTS:TNRG) Developing Clean Nuclear Energy Solutions

A steep decline rocked Thunder Energies Corp (OTCMKTS:TNRG) during the period December 2018. The company’s shares plummeted from highs of over $.1 per share and closed the period trading at lows of up to $.0035. This over 99.6% decline in the company’s price had a significant bearing on investor outlook as most shares weren’t traded during the period – except for a surge in share turnover which took place between October and December 2018. This bearish run can be reviewed in the chart below:

TNRG Daily Chart

While this has been the case, the past week has brought with it a twist in events as the stock seems to be gaining momentum. The period has seen the number of shares traded rise drastically to cross the 30 million share mark. This has had a commensurate effect on the company’s share price which has also risen from lows of $.005 to highs of $.0319. The increase recorded was one of the highest in the firm as seen in the chart below:

TNRG 15 min Chart

Establishing the reasons behind this price increase led us to review the company. Thus, in trying to establish the catalyst, we found the following.

Backdrop to TNRG

Prior to evaluating the company’s performance, let us have a look at who TNRG is for the sake of first-time readers.

Thunder Energies Corporation was founded back in 2011 and headquartered in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The company, which is a subsidiary of Hadronic Technologies Press Inc, was formerly known as Thunder Fusion Corporation, a name which was changed to its current name back in May 2014.

The firm has oriented itself as a development stage company and focuses on different technologies in the United States; whereby it engages in their manufacture, sale, and service. Its core markets include (as per the divisions): Fuel Combustion, Optical Instruments, and Nuclear Instruments. For each of these divisions, the company not only produces different products but also invests heavily in research and servicing of the products produced.

Recent Developments

It would be impossible to review TNRG without highlighting the firm’s CEO, Dr. Ruggero M. Santilli. The Italian-educated CEO holds a Ph.D., in mathematics and physics.

As head of the firm, his pioneering research has been the reason behind some of the best advancements in technology the firm has witnessed and which are to be implemented. His works in and outside the fields of mathematics and physics have been revolutionary and continue to assist in the implementation of the company’s new technological advancements.

On the overall, the firm’s goal has been to ensure that their technological output assists in the general technological architecture of the country and consequently get adopted by other companies or allows them to obtain grants to fund further research into it. So far, the firm has made a number of advancements in different fields, all which are discussed over the course of this piece.

Clean Nuclear Energies

Back in January, TNRG announced that its CEO had published a paper on clean nuclear energies: ‘Apparent Experimental Confirmation of Pseudo protons and their Application to New Clean Nuclear Energies’. According to Dr. Ruggero, the paper went a step further into looking at how clean nuclear energy could be achieved. In doing so, the paper evaluated years of technological advancements and research in the field, most of which has been done by the government.

Looking back, the United States government has put in billions of dollars into the development of nuclear energy projects, most of which has yielded minimal fruit. The new for clean energy is palpable and the market has been pushing considerably to have it with them, especially so in order to protect the environment while saving on costs.

This new research has thus attracted the attention of numerous parties within both the governmental and private sector. As a result, Dr. Ruggero has put up most of this research and technical articles online so as to achieve this. In doing so, he provided access to firms which need to use this research to boost their capacity, specifically in the field of clean nuclear energy.

The firm hopes that this outreach will ensure that they can access additional grants to assist them further their research in the field. They remain positive that the latter will be achieved.

Real-Time Precious Metal Detector

Dr. Ruggero announced that the firm had made significant advances in the development of real-time detection of precious metals in mining operations. Currently, photon detectors (which are commercially available) are used to do this, however, the firm is in the process of developing a prototype precious metal detection station.

In a recorded video, The CEO further added that while the company has already been part of the development of a similar product, they were seeking additional funding which would ensure they developed a prototype for a more advanced and real-time precious metal detector. Once achieved, the equipment would go a long way in ensuring that the tedious and manual process followed today whereby soil samples are sent to labs and analyzed for weeks, is stopped and a new and automated process is followed.

The Lighter Books

Current funding for TNRG has mostly been from the CEO. As such, when he announced a loss of $250,000 by clearing an arms-length loan which he had granted the company, TNRG’s liabilities reduced from $548,949 to $298,949. In his view, the reduction in liabilities would assist in ensuring that the narrative given to investors was clearer and that the company’s books are much leaner.

This transaction was advised by E & E Communications which has been advising the firm on their investor relation efforts.


It is no question that TNRG has produced some revolutionary technology. In general, clean nuclear technology will change the course of energy and the metal detector will revolutionize mining. With these two, the firm’s CEO is working at helping the world, both at the government and private sector level. As a result, given the interest they have aroused, it will not take long before they are adopted and the share price of the company skyrockets further.

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Disclosure: We have no position in TNRG and have not been compensated for this article.

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Thunder Energies Corp (OTCMKTS:TNRG) Developing Clean Nuclear Energy Solutions
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