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Token Stars Looks to Disrupt The Sports Management Industry

Have you ever looked at one of your favorite athletes and thought, “ I wish I discovered that guy, or I wish I was in her inner circle?  If you look at an agent for Serina Williams, Rafael Nadal, or Roger Federer, you have to ask yourself, what are these guys making a year off of their athletes?

Last year Federer made over 64 million dollars, and Serena Williams 27 million. What if you helped these athletes get a start early on in their career and got a piece of their earnings what would that be worth?

Say you got a 1 percent royalty on Roger Federer, that is 640,000 per year. Serina Williams 270,000 per year. Say you backed multiple players and a few of them turned into stars, you would probably never have to work again.

But it would be impossible to get into a network of backing some of the most promising athletes in the world-thats only for the people on the inside in the sports world, until now.

Token Stars is looking to disrupt the 67 Billion dollar sports management industry by giving the average investors. a opportunity to invest in some of the up and coming stars  in the tennis game

The problem in tennis and other sports is that athletes do not have the funds to support themselves, train, and have all of their needs met so they can train and compete at the highest levels. Token Stars is the first company to tokenize athletes, help them to grow their careers, while giving investors a piece of what could be a huge pie. Lets say a investor contributed to Token Stars and was able to get a piece of many different players, and all but one failed, but that one was the next Serena Williams. You might see returns of 6-7 figured depending upon how much you contributed.

Here is the key, tennis is just the beginning, Token Stars is planning on opening up their business plan to Hockey, Football, and professional entertainers. Token Stars is giving the average investor a opportunity to become part of the sports management industry. This could be one of the hottest ICO of 2017.

Here are some helpful links to help you to contribute after you have done your research.


Image courtesy of Harjanto Somali via Flickr
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Token Stars Looks to Disrupt The Sports Management Industry
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