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Top Trader Tip: “Start for free with a demo account”

An interview with Popular Investor Wayne Ryan (goodgoing) “I think my initial investment on eToro was probably around $1000,” says Wayne Ryan, reminiscing on his humble start just over three years ago. Today, Wayne is one of the platform’s top-performing traders, with a strong following of over 27,000 users.

Who are the Crypto Investors?

Investment in cryptocurrencies has grown exponentially over the past few years. eToro takes a look at the people behind these figures to see who is investing in these online currencies. Looking at data from March 2017 – February 2018, we analysed the profiles of those investing in cryptocurrencies, from age to gender to job sector. This brought up some interesting results such as that most investors have little to no previous experience and many are students or working in sales/marketing roles.

Top Trader Tip: “Share Information and Learn From Others”

“I’m able to absorb information and make decisions based on many sources of information very quickly,” says Wesley Warren Nolte about his trading abilities. “The [eToro] platform is open, so you have a place where people can share information.” This kind of collaboration, unique to our social trading community, is one of the many reasons why Wesley prefers eToro.

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