Unikoin Gold Closes ICO At $31.4 Million

Unikoin Gold Closes ICO At $31.4 Million

The Mark Cuban backed ICO has raised over 31.4 million usd, in one of the most talked about ICOs of the year.

eSports is the hot topic nowadays, and any project involving eSports is getting a lot of attention, and for good reason, it’s expected  to become a 1 Billion Dollar industry by 2020, and betting on eSports is expected to top 1 Billion as well, in the next few years. The opportunity is huge.

So back to Mark Cuban, we all know what he has done with Broadcast.com, selling that company for over a Billion Dollars, then buying the Dallas Mavericks, He is a business and a sports powerhouse.

He has recently changed his stance on the ICO market calling it too risky, to backing Unikoin Gold, to as recently as this week, saying investors should have 10 percent of their portfolio in Bitcoin.

Add Ashton Kutcher  to the list of investors. Kusher is not just some rich Hollywood guy who threw a few dollars at the project, he is a seasoned VC investor, who has not only made millions in Hollywood, but also in Silicon Valley. You may have seen him recently as a guest investor on Shark Tank.

Think about what credibility these high profile investors add to Unikoin Gold.

Last but not least, take a look at the team, real guys who come from Microsoft Ventures. They could certainly be at any top tech, or VC company with their reputation and past exits, but these guys recognized the opportunity both in the ICO and eSports markets. They obviously caught the eye of some of wealthiest investors in the world. Take a look at the team below.


If you are looking to get involved in Unikoin Gold, you may have to wait for it to list on a exchange and actually trade. The ICO is now closed and topped out at a impressive $31.4 million. Here are some useful links to help you do some homework.


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Unikoin Gold Closes ICO At $31.4 Million
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