Vilacto Bio Inc (OTCMKTS: VIBI) Upside Gains Likely On LACTOACTIVE Patent Boost

Vilacto Bio Inc (OTCMKTS: VIBI) market activity and share price are trending higher, as the company inches closer to securing an essential patent for its lead compound. Canadian Intellectual Property Office approving a patent application for the company’s LACTOACTIVE molecule is the latest catalyst fuelling price action.

VIBI Share Price Analysis

After a long period of subdued activity and underperformance, Vilacto Bio has once again started showing signs of bottoming out from all-time lows. However, the stock faces an uphill task to turn bullish having succumbed to short selling pressure over the past two years.

The stock has shed more than 90% in market value, over the past year, having come under immense pressure from short sellers. With the stock currently languishing in the $0.0017 level, it will take groundbreaking catalysts for the stock to bounce back.

VIBI Daily Chart

Given the underperformance of the past year, the stock will have to rise and stabilize above the $0.01 technical level. This is the immediate resistance level, standing in the way of the stock turning bullish after imploding in 2019.

A rally followed by a close above the technical level should reaffirm the emerging uptrend, setting the stage for bulls to come back in.

However, as it stands the stock remains bearish with short sellers in firm control.

About Vilacto Bio

Vilacto Bio is a Denmark based biotechnology company. The company boasts of a proprietary patented molecule, LACTOACTIVE, for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, diabetics, and psoriasis. In addition, the company markets a line of skin care products, made up of lotions and skin care creams.


Vilacto Bio has started spiking from all-time lows on the confirmation that the Canadian Intellectual Property Office is poised to approve a patent application of LACTOACTIVE. The biotech company has already filed patent applications in the U.S, Europe, and Hong Kong.

A Canadian patent should pave the way for the company to continue developing LACTOACTIVE in addition to bolstering the company’s International IP ownership position. The Canadian patent will also cover a new compound, LACTOACTIVE iTHER, expected to create new revenues for Vilacto Bio going forward.

“Vilacto Bio is in a stronger position than ever to leverage the potential of LACTOACTIVE. Our research shows that LACTOACTIVE iTHER® can contribute significantly to emerging therapies for treating diseases such as cancer, immunodeficiency disorders, osteoarthritis, psoriasis, and thrombocytopenia,” said Vilacto Bio CEO Gert Anderson.

Strategic Partnerships

The biotechnology company is also exploring a string of strategic partnerships with other biotech companies, as it looks to enhance the development of LACTOACTIVE. In addition, the company is eyeing such partnerships as it seeks to become the go-to partner for enhancing new immunotherapy and vaccine solutions with its colostrum compound.

In addition to strengthening intellectual property portfolio, Vilacto Bio also continues to strengthen its product pipeline as part of its growth strategy. Last year the company unveiled a new skin-care product line on its proprietary LACTOACTIVE compound.

The new skincare product is branded as Carmen Electra

“In addition to using the LACTOACTIVE® compound in its skin creams – now spun off as a separate business unit – Vilacto Bio is moving into biotech with its new LACTOACTIVE iTHER® compound. In the long run, Vilacto Bio expects LACTOACTIVE iTHER® to help develop further and even more powerful skincare solutions, along with treatments for a range of medical conditions,” a statement reads.

Bottom Line

Vilacto Bio has taken a significant hit over the past few years, given that it is currently languishing at all-time lows. However, the company has moved to reinvigorate its prospects and sentiments, in the market, with a string of updates that should continue to fuel confidence among investors.

The Issuance of a patent covering Europe, North America, and Hong Kong is a development that should continue to strengthen the company’s patent portfolio. In addition, the company is currently working on expanding revenue streams for its flagship LACTOACTIVE compound.

The company has shown its readiness to work round the clock to execute its business plan all in the effort of pursuing new opportunities for growth. Expanding and penetrating the biotech market puts Vilacto Bio inside a very big tent supported by an array of potential revenue possibilities.

That said the stock should continue to bottom out given the string of positive updates that continue to underscore the company’s growth metrics.

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Vilacto Bio Inc (OTCMKTS: VIBI) Upside Gains Likely On LACTOACTIVE Patent Boost
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