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Viva Entertainment Group Inc (OTCMKTS: OTTV) Racing Higher On Bidwin Promotional Deal

Viva Entertainment Group Inc (OTCMKTS: OTTV) resurgence from the brink of collapse is gaining momentum. Since the start of the second quarter, the stock has raced up the charts by more than 300%. Now OTC traders are asking what’s next?

OTTV Price Analysis

A spike in share price has come at the back of high turnover in traded shares as investors continue to react to a string of positive developments. The company finalizing a promotional deal with internet giant Bidwin appears to have triggered the recent upswing.

The deal is poised to increase the company’s visibility in the market place as well as trigger growth in the customer subscription base. A deal with Bidwin follows the inking of a strategic partnership with courier and delivery app Yello, as the company continues to strengthen its prospects in the entertainment sector.

Recent price action activity has catapulted the stock to the $0.14 mark, a critical technical level. A rally followed by a close above the resistance level could open the door for the stock to continue climbing the ladder in continuation of the emerging uptrend.

OTTV Daily Chart

Conversely, pullbacks from the $0.14 technical level would have to contend with support at the $0.09 level. A violation of the $0.09 support level, could give short sellers a reason to continue pushing the stock lower, in continuation of the long term underlying bear trend.

What Does Viva Entertainment Do?

Viva Entertainment bills itself as a global entertainment and technology company. The company specializes in connecting content owners with video distributors to deliver premium content to smart devices. It also operates as a distributor of Over-The-Top content.

Bidwin Marketing Deal

Shares of Viva Entertainment have taken a flight on the company inking a groundbreaking deal with in-app market giant Bidwin. The deal should broaden the company’s visibility when it comes to content distribution.

Under the terms of the deal, Viva is to utilize Bidwin’s in-app network for marketing and advertising initiatives. The marketing drive should allow the company to attract more customers as it seeks to grow its subscription base.

Bidwin, on the other hand, has agreed to utilize its programmatic performance to distribute Viva promotional materials to its audience of over 2 million unique visitors. The internet giant will also leverage its AI targeting and taxonomy strategies to try and grow Viva Entertainment subscriber’s base.

“The addition of Bidwin as a partner brings a breath of fresh air to our sales and marketing strategies by exposing our product to a massive world market. Working with them daily to re-target certain markets helps us see and explore avenues that are untapped in the space,” commented CEO Johnny Falcones.

Yello Integration

The Bidwin partnership builds on yet another partnership that Viva inked with courier and delivery app Yello last year. A deal with Yello led to the integration of YELLO service in VivaLiveTV program thus allowing users to order anything from pizza to their location.

Yello integration is part of Viva Entertainment bid to heighten consumers experience on the network as part of an effort of attracting more subscribers. The integration also creates a unique revenue generation stream. Viva entertainment is currently entitled to a service fee on any YELLO transaction made through its VivaLiveTV system.

Viva entertainment also introduced a DVR platform on the VivaLiveTV subscription late last year. With the new feature, subscribers can now rewind live programming and re-watch whatever they missed on the stream.

“The demand for the DVR is incredible as we have received numerous requests for this feature from potential customers as a condition of subscribing. This service will also provide an additional revenue stream as customers will be able to purchase additional storage space to record programs,” stated Mr. Falcones.

Bottom Line

Shares of Viva Entertainment have moved up more than 300% in what is turning out to be a breakout from all-time lows. While the stock remains engulfed in a long-term bear trend, it is likely to continue edging higher as investors and market sentiments continue to inch higher.

If recent price action activity is anything to go by, then Viva Entertainment is such a bargain as it has a lot of room to move on the upside. A rally followed by a close above the $0.20 mark is a potential trigger that could accelerate the upside action.

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Viva Entertainment Group Inc (OTCMKTS: OTTV) Racing Higher On Bidwin Promotional Deal
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