WAX Prepares to Launch ICO In Billion Dollar Industry

WAX Prepares to Launch ICO In Billion Dollar Industry

We have been talking about eSports recently, it’s a hot topic. The industry is trending towards $1 Billion plus in revenue. As a result, everybody wants to be part of this industry.

Now the eSports merchandise industry is exploding as well trending towards #200 million. The buying and selling of digital items is a huge business.

The team over at OPSKINS has established themselves as one of the main players in the industry. They are the Blue Chipper of the eSports merchandise industry.

They have recently launched a presale for what we think could be one of the hottest ICOs to hit the market this year.

The project is called World Asset eXchange.

WAX aims to be the world leader for trading video game virtual assets. There are currently 400 million people trading in this area.

How would you like to be in a industry where there are 400 million potential customers?

So, we have a project where the team has already established themselves as leaders in the industry.

They have a potential customer base of over 400 million people, and they are in a industry that is experiencing growth like that is comparable to internet companies in the late 90s and social networking more recently.

Everyone wants a piece of this market.

WAX Could possibly be the next ICO with a Billion Dollar market cap.

Check out the waxtoken website.

Here’s the white paper.

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WAX Prepares to Launch ICO In Billion Dollar Industry
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