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Why Exxe Group Inc (OTCMKTS: AXXA) Is A Buy

Exxe Group Inc (OTCMKTS: AXXA) has started edging higher as investors react to an aggressive expansion plan that affirms growth metrics. After building a solid foundation in 2018, the company is increasingly acquiring undervalued assets as it also eyes the launch of three responsible Green projects worth millions of dollars.

AXXA Price Analysis

The stock’s market sentiments have also received a boost on the company announcing plans to introduce hubs around the world, targeting investments in real estate, technology, and media. The fact that the company’s financials grew exponentially with strong assets and diversified revenue streams also explains the renewed investor interest.

Exxe Group expects its revenues to quadruple in 2019 thanks to the acquisition of VIP digital communities holding, a platform that offers concierge services to elite wealthy communities. The acquisition adds a major, scalable tech and social media asset to the company’s portfolio holdings.

After an excellent start to the year, followed by a steep pullback, the stock has once again started rallying in what appears to be a continuation of an emerging uptrend. The $0.01 mark has since emerged as a crucial support level from where the stock is trying to make a comeback after the underperformance of the past year.

Standing in the way of the emerging uptrend is a strong resistance level at the $0.03 mark. A rally followed by a close above the critical technical level should open the door for the stock to takeoff.

Conversely, failure to take out the $0.02 resistance level would leave the stock susceptible to further drops in continuation of the long-term bear trend.

AXXA Daily Chart

In our view, Exxe Group remains well supported for further upside action given a flurry of positive developments that continue to strengthen investor confidence in the stock.

About Exxe Group

Exxe Group bills itself as a diversified corporation focused on acquisitions and investments in real estate, technology, media, and financial services. The company acquires controlling equity interests in undervalued companies with the aim of generating long-term value from them.

VIP Acquisitions

Exxe Group has started bottoming out on its market sentiments improving. Renewed investor interest follows the announcement that the company is poised to quadruple its revenues supported by a string of strategic investments.

For starters, the company has expanded its footprint into a new sector with an $8 million investment in VIP, which offers concierge services to elite wealthy communities. VIP boasts of a vast platform supported by a strong user and customer base in 40+ cities across the U.S

The acquisition brings Exxe Group a reputable business with positive cash flow that should strengthen its bottom line.

“The acquisition of the VIP platform is another essential addition to our vision of connected spaces and communities and is an integral part of our business plan catering to meet people’s financial, emotional and functional needs. I look to the Exxe/VIP alliance to significantly increase our revenues going forward and add to our financial network,” said CEO Edward Nazmiev.

Asia Expansion

Exxe Group has also diversified its footprint into the Asian market with the acquisition of Festivals and Live Events Holding Company. With the acquisition, the company gains access to the burgeoning Chinese and Hong Kong film industry that should diversify its revenue streams further.

With the acquisition of Film Festival, the company adds to its portfolio live events and content distribution markets. It also opens the door for the company to do business with celebrities and high net worth communities in Asia. According to the Chief Executive Officer, the acquisition is a strategic step in establishing and maintaining a presence in the vast Asian market.

Exxe Group has also kick-started three new projects in the area of Responsible Real Estate and Infrastructure Construction. The company has completed three strategic acquisitions as it seeks to contribute to the reduction of Global climate change

Investments in Shoreline Redevelopment International Initiative (SRII), Rhode Island, Hospitality, Condominium and Marina Complex, Mac One Energy holding (Mac1) should diversify the company’s income stream as the trio are valued at over $120 million. The investments should significantly increase the company’s 2019 revenues.

Bottom Line

Exxe Group is likely to continue edging higher given the strategic investments it has made. The strengthening and diversification of the company’s revenue streams underscore why the stock deserves a higher valuation. For opportunistic investors, AXXA appears highly undervalued at current levels.

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Disclosure: We have no position in AXXA and have not been compensated for this article.

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Why Exxe Group Inc (OTCMKTS: AXXA) Is A Buy
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