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Woodbrook Group Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:WDBG) Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

Woodbrook Group Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:WDBG) is an international financial consulting firm which has successfully managed to attain its growth objectives year after year using its generally announced acquisition and merger strategy. In recent years, the company has succeeded in expanding its presence across Europe, in countries such as Hungary, Spain, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, and Romania.

However, its most recent acquisition is expected to be in the United States of America and is likely to see the firm attain NASDAQ listing.

In this piece, we provide details of the company, its growth in previous years and details of its most recently announced transaction.

First, take a look at the stock’s price movement:

WDBG Daily Chart

Company Overview

According to the firm, Woodbrook Group is a global firm of financial consultants. The firm offers a range of financial consulting services and products such as pension planning, wealth management, structured financial instruments, and education fee planning among others. The firm was a part the larger Woodbrook Group which consists of financial services subsidiaries; Mutual Trust, an international and corporate services provider and Robusto Asset Management.

The firm has its head office is located in Cyprus, but it is expected to be moved to Florida after the reverse IPO. It also operates offices in Budapest (Hungary), Warsaw (Poland), Bucharest (Romania), Moscow (Russia), Bratislava (Slovakia), Marbella (Spain), Geneva (Switzerland) and (Vietnam).

Recent Developments

In October 2018, the firm entered into a share exchange agreement with Neuro-HiTech Inc. According to the agreement, Neuro-Hi Tech was to acquire all of the issued and outstanding capital stock of Woodbrook while issuing to its existing shareholders 2.4 million shares of its newly designated Series A convertible preferred stock. One convertible share is entitled to cast 1000 votes for each share held of record regarding all issues which require a shareholder vote and ranks equally with other common stock with regarding rights of owners upon liquidation.

Neuro-Hi Tech has revealed its intent to focus solely on the core business of Woodbrook.

Following the successful close of the transaction, the following executive officers were appointed to be part of the new management team;

Michael Doherty, the founder and current Chief Executive Officer of Woodbrook Group. With over 25 years of extensive corporate finance and investment banking experience across multiple countries with Europe, North America, and Asia, he will take over from David Ambrose as Chief Executive Officer and sole director of the firm.

Having built a solid reputation over 25 years of working in finance large retail, property and consulting, Sean McConigle will take over from Gary Dutton as the Chief Operating Officer of the firm.

Other leadership appointments include;

Maria Milaj as the newly appointed Chief Compliance Officer and Christina Doherty as the new Director of Information Technology & Marketing.

Other Expansion Plans

Woodbrook has also revealed its intent to set up a wealth management unit in Ireland by early 2019. At present, the firm has commenced discussion with a number of smaller brokerage firms with an objective view to rebranding, reorganizing and merging them within the insurance entity. 

Along with these investments, Chief Executive officer, Micheal Doherty indicated that the growth of the firm and its subsidiaries could lead to the creation of over a thousand jobs within the next four years, with planned intake of 500 new staff expected in just 2019.

He added that preliminary meetings with relevant local stakeholders have led to very positive discussions and that possible sited for the new business to be established have been identified.  All of this has lent further attention to the company following the rumors of its reverse initial public offering.

A Year of Inorganic Growth

The transaction was concluded just after a year in which the company has maintained its strategic growth objective through mergers and acquisitions for expansion.

The new CEO Mr. Doherty has initially indicated that the target is to grow Woodbrook to become a major force among the world’s largest corporate services and financial brokerages firms.

In light of this accomplishment, he was recently nominated along with other business icons by International Adviser as one of the most influential people within the International Financial Services space.

Mr. Doherty was quoted to have said “It is a great honor for us (Woodbrook Group) to get listed on the NASDAQ, the world’s most preeminent and prestigious exchange. Over the past few years, we’ve worked hard to achieve this milestone. This will enable us to grow as an organization and expand in new markets without compromising on our integrity and the bespoke services we provide to our clients.”


WDBG might only be a new player in the market, but the signs are clear that the company is on its way up.

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Disclosure: We have no position in WDBG and have not been compensated for this article.

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Woodbrook Group Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:WDBG) Shows No Signs of Slowing Down
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