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WorldFlix, Inc. (OTCMKTS:WRFX) Cybersecurity Ambitions Makes It An Exciting Reversal Play

WorldFlix, Inc. (OTCMKTS:WRFX) is one of the stocks on our watch list that keeps on giving and living up to expectations. The stock has spiked higher and in the process, generated significant returns to investors who took heed of our previous update.

Price Action And Emerging Uptrend

A sell-off wave that had pushed the stock to all-time lows, appears to be losing momentum. As it stands, WorldFlix appears to be an exciting reversal play as it tries to bounce back from the all-time lows. A surge in trading volumes in recent weeks has seen traded shares hit the roof an indication of growing investor confidence in the stock.

A spike from the $0.0008 handle to current highs of $0.0017 is a testament to how WorldFlix is emerging as an exciting pick in the small-cap Cybersecurity space. While the stock’s direction of trade is still engulfed in a long-term bearish trend, an uptrend has been forming and gaining momentum in recent weeks.

WRFX Daily Chart

Taking into consideration, the emerging uptrend, the stock needs to rise and close above the $0.01 handle to reaffirm investor confidence that the long-term sell-off rout is over.

Before we look at the catalysts behind the recent upward momentum, let us look at what WorldFlix actually does in pursuit of growth.

WorldFlix casts itself as a diversified holding company operating in a variety of businesses in the technology and entertainment industries. In the entertainment industry, the company produces and distributes feature films as well as television projects.

On the technology front, the company is involved in the production of Cybersecurity solutions through its wholly owned subsidiary Paranotek. The unit boasts of a range of products used for data storage, sharing and instant messaging services.

Cybersecurity Ambitions

WorldFlix has seen its sentiments receive a major boost on making significant strides in pursuit of growth opportunities in the Cybersecurity space. As the need to protect people’s privacy grows by the day, so has WorldFlix tweaked its business model to take advantage of emerging opportunities for growth.

The company has filed a patent on behalf of its subsidiary Paranotek, for a state of the art encryption protocol, dubbed Parano. The patent continues to elicit keen interest from investors as well Cybersecurity experts as it describes a unique way of building systems that can withstand even the most sophisticated Cybersecurity attacks.

“The future of cybersecurity and software will be privacy and data protection, and more and more people fight to keep their information safe. We believe Paranotek is on the forefront of this exploding market potential,” said CEO, Brad Listermann.

Paranotek is in the process of launching its first software with its Swantry and Swanlock smartphone apps. The apps are designed to provide parents an easy way of training kids on responsible and safe use of smartphones.

Security is a core in the apps, featuring backend protection and protection as WorldFlix lives up to expectations as a data and privacy protection company. The security features are the same that Paranotek uses to safeguard enterprises data while also monitoring and protecting corporation’s devices data and messages.

West Indies Licensing Deal

WorldFlix Cybersecurity solutions have started to elicit strong demand as the race to protect networks from cyber-attacks heats up. A West Indies digital currency exchange and platform investment group is the latest to show a keen interest in the company’s encryption technology.

The group has requested for multi-year terms and conditions as it looks to license Paranotek post quantum computing resistant encryption technology. The investment group intends to use the technology to secure its digitized assets as it expands into new markets with its next-generation blockchain trading platform.

According to Paranotek CEO, Mick Davis, strong interest from the West Indies investment Group further validates the company’s encryption technology.

“We’ve been very busy this year with multiple Cybersecurity business opportunities in the United States, Asia, and Europe,” stated Mick Davis, CEO of Paranotek. “We are thrilled to have Paranotek encryption capabilities recognized by these successful digital currency pioneers and to be invited to partner in joint opportunities within their billion-dollar global cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

 What Next For WorldFlix after Recent Spike

Improving operational efficiencies on product development is a testament that WorldFlix is on the brink of something big in the Cybersecurity space. The company already boasts of a cyber-security solution that is ten years ahead of what is in use at the moment.

As people and corporation look for solutions capable of protecting data from hackers and ensuring privacy, WorldFlix should be able to generate significant returns on meeting their needs. The cryptocurrency industry which is still in the early stages of development presents yet another unique opportunity for growth that the company can take advantage of.

A spike in share price in the recent past underscores growing investors’ confidence about the company’s long-term prospects. That said, the stock should continue bottoming out as the company pursues revenue generating opportunities with its encryption technology.

Disclosure: We have no position in WRFX and have not been compensated for this article.

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WorldFlix, Inc. (OTCMKTS:WRFX) Cybersecurity Ambitions Makes It An Exciting Reversal Play
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