Nfusz Inc (OTCMKTS:FUSZ): A Stock That Keeps Giving On Pullbacks

Nfusz Inc (OTCMKTS:FUSZ) is a stock that has kept on giving, and in the process generated significant returns to investors who took time to read our previous bullish thesis. The stock is already up by more than 40%, from the time we made the case on why it was a strong buy at the back of blockchain and network marketing ambitions.

Stock Price Analysis

The strong uptrend has seen the stock touch record highs of $0.71 a share, as investors take note of what could turn out to be an exciting year for the digital tech-focused company. While the stock is currently trading at the $0.59 handle, the pullback in our view presents a unique buy opportunity for investors who missed out on the previous run.

FUSZ Daily Chart

Any sell-off in our view would be limited to the $0.45 handle, seen as a key support level, below which the stock could drop to the $0.36 handle, seen as another key support level. On the upside, the stock faces immediate resistance at the $$0.66 handle, above which it could rise to the $0.71 handle, which happens to be the stock’s 52-week high.

Before we look at what is likely to push the stock to new higher highs, let’s first understand what nFusz does in pursuit of growth and shareholder value.

NFusz Core Business

NFusz is a digital tech company, specializing in the manufacture and operation of internet-connected audio-video recording studios. The company develops and licenses interactive video platforms for customer relationship management and marketing campaigns.

In addition, the company offers cloud-based software and service platform for producing, distributing and tracking interactive videos. The company has in the recent past expanded its footprint, in pursuit of growth opportunities around blockchain technology.

Stock’s Uptrend Catalysts

NFusz is the subject of renewed investor’s interest in Wall Street on reiterating blockchain ambitions. The company plans to leverage the technology in developing a framework through which people can get paid for viewing interactive video ads.

The company also intends to harness blockchain technology capabilities to command a greater number of views for interactive video ads, distributed online by notifiCRM subscribers. By doing so, the digital tech company hopes to strengthen its revenue stream through online advertising.

“Our plan is to create an entirely new ecosystem for the distribution of advertising revenue utilizing some of the latest innovations in blockchain technology and crypto-currency,” states nFusz CEO Rory J. Cutaia.

In addition to the blockchain ambitions, nFusz is also working round the clock to integrate its notifiCRM interactive video technology in cloud-based platforms. The integration is part of an effort that seeks to build relationships with more customer relationship management CRM providers.

The company has already engaged Concentrus Inc. to accelerate the integration of notifiCRM in cloud-based platforms.

“As soon as we saw a demo of nFusz’ notifiCRM interactive video technology, we knew we wanted to be involved. We see scores of sales-based software solutions but notifiCRM is something quite unique, and very exciting. We’re honored to have been chosen by nFusz to assist them in bringing this product to a broader market,” states John Martinez, Concentrus Vice President.

Entourage package makes it easier to sell a network marketing product or service as one does not need selling or technical skills to engage the target market. One also does not need to import videos or make interactive videos.

NFusz has already released Entourage a subscription account option for notifiCRM service that it plans to use, to target the over 100 million people involved with network marketing sales. Under the Network Marketing Made Easy campaign, that company plans to promote the new package offering.

Prospective subscribers can sign for a notifiCRM Entourage account from the company’s official website. Upon signing up and paying a modest $9.99 monthly fee, subscribers will gain access to a library of pre-loaded interactive videos that they can use to sell their products.

Each video on the platform is already interactive with clickable and in-video calls-to-action, which can be personalized for each subscriber. Network marketing managers can also use the interactive videos, to deliver prospects and leads straight to their landing pages.

What next For nFusz After Recent Rally

NFusz is currently trading at levels not seen in years. While the same might come as a surprise to many, it has not come as a fluke. NFusz is reaping the rewards of its investments in network marketing sales. That said the company is on the cusp of generating significant returns as it moves to target the more than 100 million people involved in network marketing sales.

The pursuit of growth opportunities around blockchain technology further underscores the company’s willingness and readiness to pursue new opportunities that have the potential to generate shareholder value in the long run.

NFusz remains well positioned to continue powering high, especially after the recent pullback.

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Disclosure: We have no position in FUSZ and have not been compensated for this article.

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Nfusz Inc (OTCMKTS:FUSZ): A Stock That Keeps Giving On Pullbacks
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