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UFC® Names Love Hemp Official Global CBD Partner

The Company has achieved $3.2 Million in sales for the first half of this year

Revenues  in Q2 up 97% compared to Q1 revenue. $2,175,000  vs.  $1,105,000

MAJOR NEWS JUST DROPPED MINUTES AGO: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/love-hemp-group-highlighted-emerging-123000574.html

Love Hemp Group Highlighted As ‘Emerging CBD Powerhouse’ in New Research from Investment Bank Hannam & Partners


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  • Love Hemp Group plc (“LHG”) is one of the UK’s leading brands in producing and selling broad spectrum CBD products
    • ─  Own and operate the most recognisable lines of CBD products in the UK and Europe.
    • ─  Newly expanded facilities in London
    • ─  Strong revenue generation with growth and expansion opportunities
    • ─  Currently 30 full time employees and 15 contractors
  • Products are sold presently in over 2,000 stores across the UK, Europe and online
  • Plc founders have historically supported some of the most successful cannabis companies in North America
  • Management focussed on building a global brand across multiple jurisdictions using the same successful strategy adopted to date
  • The only UK listed CBD focussed company with substantial revenues in the UK and Europe
  • Well positioned to continue to acquire greater market share in a fractured UK marketplace and globally
  • 100% CBD market focussed
  • Low headcount and low burn rate
  • Stable retail sales and distribution relationships built over 6 years and well established e-commerce programs to maintain primary positioning in the online market
  • Focussed on developing a globally recognised brand in North America and building on existing business in Europe, Thailand and Japan
  • Manufacturing and distribution relationships in the USA that will facilitate North America expansion
  • Recently signed an exclusive multi-year marketing deal with the UFC
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 As you can see below this one just started trading significantly this year and has been on a slow and steady move upward.


UFC® Names Love Hemp Official Global CBD Partner

LONDON and LAS VEGAS, March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Love Hemp Group PLC (AQSE: LIFE) (OTCQB: WRHLF), one of the UK’s leading CBD and Hemp product suppliers, and UFC®, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, today announced a five-year agreement that names Love Hemp the Official Global CBD Partner of UFC. UFC logo

Love Hemp will have numerous branded integrations within UFC content on digital platforms, including social media assets and programming on UFC FIGHT PASS®, the world’s leading streaming service for combat sports. Love Hemp branding will also be prominently integrated into the UFC Performance Institute, further signaling to athletes that UFC wants to play a prominent role in helping to educate them on CBD use and the role it plays in athlete health and injury recovery.

“This is a very exciting achievement for Love Hemp,” said Tony Calamita, Love Hemp CEO. “The marketing opportunities that this relationship provides will put us in the top tier of major international CBD brands. We will use the UFC’s global reach to position Love Hemp as a trusted, premium CBD brand which we will now begin to roll out in all key international markets.”

Added Calamita: “Love Hemp is looking forward to working with UFC over the next five years. This partnership kickstarts our strategy aimed at cementing Love Hemp as a globally recognised brand.”

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Love Hemp to promote a growing, respected CBD brand that could become a global leader in this category over the life of this partnership,” said Paul Asencio, UFC Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships. “We know many UFC athletes, fans, and general fitness enthusiasts use CBD for training recovery purposes, and we want to work closely with Love Hemp to continue to educate ourselves, athletes, and consumers on the efficacy and best use of CBD products.”

Love Hemp Q2 Trading Update

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2021 / World High Life Plc (“World High Life” or the “Company”) (AQSE:LIFE) (OTCQB:WRHLF), is pleased to announce that Love Hemp Limited (“Love Hemp”), a wholly owned subsidiary of World High Life, achieved 2nd quarter unaudited sales (October 1 to December 31), of £1,562,000 ($2,175,000), a 97% increase from Q1 sales of £793,500 ($1,105,000).

The continued rise in sales represents a strong increase in demand during the COVID 19 pandemic across all platforms: Love Hemp, CBDOilsUk.com and wholesale activities via LH Botanicals.

Q2 Highlights (October 1 to December 31)

  • £1,562,000 ($2,175,000) in revenue – up 97% compared to Q1 revenue of £793,500 ($1,105,000)
  • £764,000 ($1,062,500) in gross profit
  • 11% online conversion rate increase compared to Q1 rate of 12%
  • Over 69,000 units sold online
  • Over 10,500 online customer accounts created

First Half Year (July 1 to December 31)

  • £2,355,000 ($3,280,000) in sales
  • £1,311,000 ($1,825,500) gross profit

Tony Calamita, CEO of World High Life and Founder and CEO of Love Hemp, commented

“Continuing to aggressively increase our sales across all of the platforms is a testament to the dedication and hard work our teams have put into the Company. We have seen huge growth potential during the pandemic and are pleased to have been able to consistently provide our consumers with high level products and service.

“We continue to keep positioning for future growth and look forward to expanding what is already an exciting and promising business both across the UK and further afield.”

The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.

About Love Hemp

Love Hemp is one of the UK’s leading CBD and Hemp product suppliers and has more than 40 product lines, comprising oils, sprays and vapes and a variety of edible and water-based CBD products. Love Hemp has established relationships with over 1,500 stores in the UK, including leading brands such as Sainsbury’s, Boots, Ocado and Holland & Barrett.

About World High Life

World High Life was established by the founders of Supreme Cannabis (TSX: FIRE), and 1933 Industries (CSE: TGIF), both companies at the forefront of the legalized cannabis industry. LIFE was established to take advantage of the huge opportunities available in the UK and European legal cannabis space, which is set to be the largest in the world within five years.

Most CBD Oil Is Legal In All 50 States 

The most common kind of CBD oil, and the kind in which you will likely invest, is derived from hemp plants.

Provided the CBD oil in which you are investing contains less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid that results in the ‘high’ people commonly associate with cannabis, it’s perfectly legal to use.

This change was made at the end of 2018, when Donald Trump signed the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, otherwise known as the Farm Bill, into law.

Although some states in the US had already legalized CBD oil along with other types of cannabis products approved for medical and recreational use, this new legislation makes these rules universal.

This means that more people will have access to CBD oil, whether that be for consumption or to sell to others through their own business.

Basically, you could become rich selling CBD oil because demand for the product drives profits and increases market value exponentially.

Consumer Sales Are Increasing

Among the most important trends to look at when investing in something are the common trends, one of which is consumer behavior.

If something isn’t continuing to gain traction or is beginning to dip in popularity, it’s probably a warning that you should consider investing in something else.

This drop isn’t something you need to worry about when it comes to investing in CBD oil, however, because consumer behavior patterns are driving steadily increasing sales.

In 2014, even though very few states had legalized CBD, there were still 108.1 million CBD sales.

By the end of 2018, when 7% of Americans admitted to using it, sales had increased to 358.4 million.

Due to many contributing factors, these numbers are expected to grow even further, with predictions of 813.2 million sales of CBD by the end of 2019.

Although the above statistics show consumer tactics for CBD products across the board, CBD oil is a very popular product that will significantly contribute to the increasing total number of sales in this area, especially with the legalization of hemp CBD oil last year.

As these numbers continue to increase, so will the number of people wanting to invest in it.

Stock prices will likely increase, giving you an option to sell an investment you made in the CBD oil market today at a vastly inflated price in a few years’ time.

High Quality CBD Oil Is Becoming More Popular

The changing public opinion and increased openness when it comes to discussing and researching CBD oil means more people are educating themselves about the benefits of this product.

They are also beginning to understand the different types of oil available on the market, leaving them better able to identify and choose the best option for their position.

Those with a better understanding of what is available are turning to the more expensive, higher quality products in an attempt to reap as many positive outcomes as possible from their experience.

You might not think this has anything to do with your investment, but the reality is that many distributors will make more profit from the higher quality CBD oil.

In turn, this makes your investment worth more money, providing you with a greater ROI in the short term and a greater sale price when or if you choose to sell.

People From All Generations Are Using CBD Oil

One thing you absolutely cannot do when planning to invest in CBD oil is carry prejudices into your decision.

One common belief is that CBD oil is reserved for the younger generation, primarily millennials, and that you have to hold certain beliefs about natural medicine to use it.

The reality, however, is that those who use CBD oil come from all walks of life, and are of all different ages.

One study investigating CBD oil use in older adults who were at least 54 years of age found that 9% of them regularly used CBD oil. This is higher than the national average.

We’re telling you this to help you realize that investing in CBD oil isn’t a short term proposition.

Although much of this article is about sales potential, investing in CBD oil can still make you rich even if you don’t want to sell your shares.

This is because the market will grow over time, and as more legislation is put forward in support of CBD oil, the overall number of people turning to it will increase.

More Industries Are Expanding To Include CBD Oil Products

For some time, the only people incorporating CBD oil in their businesses were specialist dispensaries or marijuana shops in states where sales were legal.

It is not a shock to know that many people are investing in CBD oil production companies, especially when these companies have a proven investment return, but there are also more opportunities for this product popping up in other industries. These trends are also worth your attention.

The latest industry to include CBD oil is cosmetics, with flagship brand Sephora recently launching their own range of CBD-infused skincare products, available in store.

Another industry that has seen a stop-and-start shift into the CBD oil market is food and drink.

Strict regulations put in place by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)–which still views CBD oil as a drug and therefore something that cannot be consumed–have caused several difficulties for this field.

As a result of said regulations, anyone wanting to sell CBD oil infused food or drink must get approval from federal, state and (sometimes) local governing bodies before they can sell it to customers.

For this reason, many people have given up trying to gain approval, but some people have at least managed to acquire permission to add CBD oil to coffees and protein shakes.

Other industries are doing similar experiments with CBD oil at the moment, and by keeping an eye on them you can jump into the investment pool of specific companies before they become oversaturated.

This gives you more time to build the worth of your shares and could mean someone pays much more for them a few years down the line.

It is likely you will also continue earning on your investment, which will steadily increase as your chosen investment industry becomes more established in the CBD oil market.

New Discoveries About The Health Benefits Of CBD Oil Are Made Everyday

To date, the FDA has only approved one drug made from CBD oil.

This medication, Epidiolex, is used to treat seizures associated with two rare and severe forms of epilepsy that begin in childhood and usually persist to adulthood.

Approved in June 2018, it is predicted that this medication will cost $32,500 per patient per year.

This news might not interest you, but it is relevant because it changes the game for other pharmaceutical companies who want to do the same thing.

There are already a number of studies underway examining how CBD oil can potentially help people with other health ailments.

Considering how much Epidiolex costs, now is the perfect time to invest in the pharmaceutical companies using CBD oil in studies, because it could leave you with great payouts in future.

Of course, investing in this way doesn’t come without risk, but that risk is quite worth what you could potentially gain. For any additional use-cases and applications, you should always consult with your doctor before trying out CBD oil.

Market Estimations Continue To Rise

The CBD oil market has taken a long while to fully establish itself, but with changes to legislation in recent years, this product is beginning to experience some real growth.

This is largely due to the number of industries investing in CBD oil, as mentioned above, and increased consumer demand.

Although this is a good situation, it can certainly make difficulties for people trying to predict just how big the CBD market will be in years to come.

Earlier this year, for example, Cowen & Co. predicted that the CBD market would be worth $16 billion by 2025.

Shortly afterwards, BDS analytics said the figure could be much higher, and predicted that the collective market for CBD sales would exceed $20 billion in the United States by 2024.

Though this is a more generalized account of the CBD market as a whole, CBD oil is one of the most popular vehicles for ingesting the cannabinoid, especially for older generations.

This means that, whichever way you look at it, this is an investment worth making as soon as possible if you want to reap maximum rewards.

Return On Investments (ROIs) In CBD Oil Markets Are Growing

When looking at how CBD oil use has already grown, it is easy to see that it won’t be long before its use becomes mainstream and investing in CBD oil will become far more expensive.

By taking advantage of the time left before that happens, however, and by investing while shares in CBD oil companies are still relatively cheap, your ROI will be extremely high.

This will be good news four or five years down the line, regardless of whether you plan to hold onto your investment or sell it to the highest bidder.


Key team members

page6image2945776992Andrew Male – Chairman and Director

Andrew is an experienced Director and Chief Executive Officer of international public and private investment, companies. Working with several family offices that seek access to an array of transformational opportunities. He is a former Founder and CEO of a TSX Venture Exchange Top 50 company, ranked 9th. He is an Associate of Columbus Energy Partners, an energy sector incubator. Andrew is also a Director of Global UAV Technologies Ltd., Non-Executive Director of Clarity Gold Corp. and Managing Director of a privately held Corporate Finance and Investment entity.

page6image2946042704Tony Calamita – CEO, Director and Founder

Co-founder and Managing Director Tony Calamita has been at the forefront of the CBD sector since he founded the company with business partner Tom Rowland in 2015. Like Tom, he has an entrepreneurial background with previous experience in various consumables and FMCG goods. He is a regular industry thought leader and has been interviewed by Sky News, BBC Radio and The Grocer. He was also invited to speak at London Food Tech Week.